As the first to write to the guy

As the first to write to the guy

Sometimes the impression of accidental acquaintance or a meeting with the guy turns out so strong that the girl herself wants to write to it, to communicate and suggest to meet. In this situation it is necessary to work correctly, avoiding widespread mistakes.


1. Make sure thatMake sure that you are really interested in communication with the guy. Sometimes, without having thought once again, girls enter the relations which as a result come to an end with full disappointment. Think, than it so hooked on you that you want to begin a conversation as soon as possible. For example, if you got acquainted with the guy on the street, then it will be better to wait nevertheless for a call or the message from him. So you will be able to be convinced that he is really interested by you and wants a meeting. If you write to the first, then it can only add to him confidence in the advantage, and the guy can begin to behave as to it will like.

2. Write to the guy of the first if all of you made this decision. It is better to send the SMS message if its number is known to you. If you are still badly familiar, then greet and at first be presented. Remind the guy where and under what circumstances you met. Surely finish the message with a question – it will induce the guy to answer as soon as possible. For example, ask how its affairs, than he is engaged, etc.

3. Arrive more originally: write simply "Hi and wink a smilie. The guy will surely answer with a question "Who is it?. Continue to behave mysteriously and send to the answer, for example, "Guess. Gradually the guy will remember you and by this moment will be already very interested in continuation of communication and even a meeting.

4. Begin communication correctly if you want to get acquainted with the guy on a dating site. Remember that the activity at virtual acquaintances most often is shown by guys and the first strike up a conversation. If the message comes at first from the girl, then it can seem suspicious. Again just try to wink at the guy or to send other amusing smilie, leave a pleasant compliment on its page or send a virtual gift. For the guy it will be a sufficient occasion to answer and continue communication with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team