Cocoa butter: application in house cosmetics and treatment

Cocoa butter: application in house cosmetics and treatment

butter is not only often used component of confectionery, but also surprising on the properties cosmetic and remedy. At the expense of the content of huge amount of vitamins, proteins and microelements, cocoa butter carefully looks after face skin, improves condition of vessels, allows to be protected and get rid of number of viral and bacterial infections.

Application of cocoa butter long time was prerogative of culinary specialists, however unique properties of this product have drawn to themselves attention of soap makers, manufacturers of cosmetics, adherents of non-drug ways of treatment.

Cocoa butter in cosmetology

Experts widely use properties of cocoa butter to humidify, soften, smooth and rejuvenate skin. In house conditions it is quite easy to create cosmetics on the basis of this oil, and, the range of influence of this product is rather wide:

  • In winter time cocoa butter effectively protects skin from cold air and wind, interferes with frostbite. In frosty days it is recommended to avoid creams with the moistening actions – it is possible to replace them with small piece of cocoa butter, having greased with it skin of face and hands. Surplus of oil promakivat napkin and slightly powders.
  • To get rid of excessive dryness of the skin, hangnails and chaps on hands which has coarsened skin foot, cracks in corners of lips it is possible by means of mix of the kindled cocoa butter and the honey taken in equal quantities. In case of allergy to beekeeping products, honey it is possible to replace with olive or sunflower oil.
  • The dry and weakened hair are recovered for 5-6 procedures of wrapping by mix of the burdock and kindled cocoa butter with addition of 5-8 drops of the pharmaceutical medicine Ayevit. The mask is applied on dry hair and left for influence for 2-3 hours then carefully wash away.
  • To get rid of dark circles under eyes, swellings and puffinesses century, small wrinkles it is possible by means of oil compresses: the gauze folded double is moistened in warm cocoa butter and imposed on problem places. From above the gauze is covered with terry towel. In 15-20 minutes residues of oil delete with napkin, wipe skin with ice cube.

Treatment by cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is effective remedy for cough which with pleasure will be accepted by any child: the aroma of chocolate will turn medicine into the real delicacy.

  • For preparation of cough remedy and sore throat it is necessary to warm up 100 ml of milk to which add cocoa powder, sugar to taste and 5-10 g of firm cocoa butter. Drink is taken in warm look, abstaining from consumption of food within 1-2 hours before application of this means.
  • Drink from milk with addition of cocoa butter in combination with massage of thorax piece of oil yields quite good results in treatment of long bronchitis.
  • At epidemics of respiratory diseases it is possible to be protected from penetration of infection, having greased mucous membrane of nose with small amount of cocoa butter. Unlike traditional oxolinic ointment, cocoa butter has pleasant chocolate aroma which so is pleasant to kids.
  • The anti-inflammatory and softening properties of cocoa butter allow to take off pain and to heal cracks at hemorrhoids: the small piece of not kindled oil is entered directly into rectum.
  • On heels perform massage to removal of skin itch, healing of small burns, elimination of cracks small oil tile. In the kindled look cocoa butter is recommended to be mixed with several drops of sea-buckthorn oil.

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