Councils how to grow hair

Councils how to grow hair

To reach rapid growth of hair very not easy. To grow long hair, it is necessary to look after them competently. It is necessary to feed not only hair, but also head skin. Besides, it is necessary to know that whether also all hampers their growth as it should be with health.

Annually the trend on long hair grows. Girls ask the hairdresser to straighten only a few tips that then to grow magnificent braid. And it in spite of the fact that many stylists resolutely support short and convenient hairstyles and stylish carets. But long hair – it is so womanly and it is beautiful! Unfortunately, such wealth is given not all by nature. How quickly to grow hair, having kept at the same time their beauty? The easiest way is to carry flowing hair and not to pull together them in hard bunch. They have to be absolutely free.

When tightening hair hard elastic band, we involuntarily block access of blood and useful substances to hair. Such hair often break and split.

Correctly pick up means for your type of hair. You should not trust shampoos with mark "for all types of hair". Usually they do not bear any advantage, especially if you have dry or oily hair. Use also suitable balms and conditioners – it will facilitate leaving and combing and also hair will break less, will gain softness.

Folk remedies on hair care

Different natural masks and broths are very good for growth and strengthening of hair. They can be prepared or to buy in drugstore. In preparation mustard, pepper masks are considered as the simplest. Perfectly also nettle broth will approach.

Well after washing instead of the conditioner to rinse hair with water with vinegar (water has to "pinch" language). It is good to add various vitamins to independently prepared masks (E, And or nicotinic acid). If you apply mask on roots of hair, then it is better to apply any cosmetic oil on tips.

We – what we eat. Very often in pursuit of beautiful healthy hair, women forget about the most important - food. The hair bulb from which actually the hair also grows eats, first of all, from within.

What is necessary for our hair? First of all, drink enough water. All know that it is necessary to drink not less than 10 glasses of clear water in day, to use products, the containing omegas-3 and fatty acids. It is also very important to include nuts, fat grades of fishes, red meat in diet and also to increase consumption of buckwheat, broccoli, various greens, and other products which are vitamin-rich groups B.

As alternative (temporary) it is possible to accept vitamins. Perfectly the complex with yeast and zinc or calcium helps. And the main thing, you remember, hair as any other part of our organism, are sensitive to stress.

Try to smile more often, to walk more, to eat properly, and healthy and beautiful hair are provided to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team