Every day - different! Recommendations about hairstyles from professionals

Every day - different! Recommendations about hairstyles from professionals

Daily new image with different hairstyles is dream of most of women. However even owners of long curls cannot often fulfill this dream because of lack of time, lack of imagination and abilities. However in arsenal of professional hairdressers there are many hairstyles for every day which are easy for creating independently, having spent for them no more than 10 minutes.

All last seasons the bunch does not get out of fashion. On its basis it is possible to make huge number of various hairstyles for every day. The same hairstyles perfectly are suitable for holiday. Will be necessary for their creation:

- iron; - dry shampoo;

- spray for gloss and smoothness; - hairpins and invisible beings;

- scrunchies; - varnish for fixing of hairstyle.

Smooth bunch

For a start it is necessary to make curls more obedient and to add to them gloss. For this purpose it is necessary to apply on them spray for laying. Then smooth hair with the iron from roots to tips. That tips did not stick out, apply on them the laying cream warmed in palms. Then collect hair in tail and fix by elastic band. The basis of tail can be wrapped thin reticulum for hair. By means of varnish give to hairstyle smoothness. Further twirl hair hard bunch and fix it by hairpins. By means of spray for laying remove all errors of hairstyle.

Negligent bunch

It is possible to remove excess severity and to give to bunch easy negligence. For this purpose prepare head of hear, as well as in the previous case. After you collect hair in tail, spray spray for laying in hands and only then apply it on the tail basis with the easy massing movements. Shake up hair at roots a little. Then by means of dry shampoo add to volume tail, having put means with slightly shaking up movements. Braid free braid and fix it by thin elastic band. After that twirl bunch, having fixed it by hairpins, apply spray for laying. The last stroke fixing of the basis of bunch will be varnish that will allow to keep hairstyle during longer time.

Bunch in the form of flower

It is possible to give to the image of romanticism by means of hairstyle in the form of flower.

For its creation prepare hair, use the texturing sprays and humidify locks a little. Dry their phenom in the direction against growth of hair. After that divide them into upper and lower sections, bring together the last in tail, having fixed it by elastic band. In the tail divide hair into three parts, halve each of which still and twist all turned-out locks in flagellums. Then weave the improvised braid out of the turned-out flagellums, wrapping them among themselves. Record each tip small elastic. As a result three braids which need to be twisted afterwards in bunch have to turn out and to fix by hairpins. Throw the hair which have remained free on the opposite side that they blocked part of forehead. Begin to twist locks at temple up that the roller has turned out. Hide the sticking-out tips in bunch, fix by invisible beings and it is delicious. If to use decorative hairpins, flowers or other jewelry, the hairstyle will look festively and elegantly.

Hairstyle high tail

The horse tail can also be very different, it perfectly is suitable both for everyday life, and for issue. This hairstyle opens the person and emphasizes the beautiful line of neck.

That the horse tail looked ideally, process hair spray for laying. Then collect tail as it is possible above, it is desirable to see its reason in mirror. Fix tail by elastic band, it is possible to wrap its basis thin lock of hair – it will help to make it even higher. To record hairstyle, sprinkle it varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team