How to make that hair grew quicker

How to make that hair grew quicker

On average within month the hair grow up on 1-1.5 cm, but at special care behind head of hear this indicator can be increased several times. At the same time it is possible to achieve such amazing result even in house conditions.

Healthy food – growth factor of hair

It is known that the condition of head of hear directly depends on food as hair (as well as all organism in general) eat biologically active agents coming to organism. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other useful elements are necessary for health and beauty of head of hear therefore they recommend to enrich the diet with dairy products, meat, fish and, of course, fresh vegetables and fruit. The use bean and oat-flakes is desirable. At the same time it is necessary to exclude from diet or to minimize consumption of sweets, smoked products, fat and harmful products.

The correct care for head of hear – guarantee of rapid growth of hair

Chemical waves and regular colourings negatively affect condition of hair. Besides, it is whenever possible necessary to minimize use of the iron and hair dryer. For washing of the head it is necessary to use only correctly picked up shampoo (it has to correspond to your type of hair).

To activate hair follicles, recommend to do massage: for this purpose take coconut, olive or castor oil, heat it to comfortable temperature and apply to head skin the gentle massing movements, and 1-1.5 hours later wash away warm water with shampoo. These oils enrich bulbs with useful elements, strengthen inflow of blood and, as a result, accelerate growth of hair.

The masks stimulating growth of hair

The mask prepared from the following components will help to accelerate growth of hair: - 4 tablespoons of natural honey; - 1 tablespoons of burning ground pepper. Honey is mixed with pepper then the structure is applied on dry clean head of hear. Hold the stimulating mix of 33-35 minutes (at strong burning the mask is washed away earlier) and rinse hair with cool water. Such procedure is recommended to do twice a week. Besides, the head of hear grows quicker if to do mustard masks. The recipe of the stimulating mix is as follows: - 2 tablespoons of olive or other vegetable oil; - 2 tablespoons of water; - 2 tablespoons of dry mustard; - 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mustard is mixed with sugar, vegetable oil and water. Cover with ready mix radical system, from above wrap up the head with cellophane package and turn in towel. This burning mix is held by 13-15 minutes, then wash away warm water with shampoo. At fat type of hair the cosmetic procedure is done time in 5 days, at normal – once a week, and at dry head of hear – time in 10 days. Regular use of this mustard mix yields amazing result: for month of lock can grow on 5-6 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team