How to make the correct diet

How to make the correct diet

you apply diet, and you have constant feeling of hunger, and the body is not going to grow thin, so you are guided by inefficient methods. Identical people on the planet do not exist therefore for each person it is necessary to make own diet for weight loss.


  1. Carefully approach drawing up diet that it has not done harm to your health. It has to include products: meat and dairy products, with the lowered fat content, grain, vegetables, fruit, vegetable oils. Products have to be natural.
  2. Make diet of products, traditional for your region. Assign to exotic products supporting role. Consider seasonality of food.
  3. Be guided by drawing up diet, variety and the flavoring preferences not to allow failures and not to be eaten off after end of diet. By drawing up diet consider the age, weight, constitution type, occupation, climate.
  4. Proschitatayte, that the diet contained 1200 kcal for women and 1500 kcal for men. Decrease in caloric content of food leads to decrease in metabolism, and it provokes set of weight after the termination of diet.
  5. Balance the food that at it there were all necessary substances – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, cellulose. Squirrels regulate exchange processes, are responsible for condition of skin and hair, muscles, operability of brain. Without fat vitamins are not acquired. Cellulose gives feeling of satiety after food.
  6. Include water in the diet. The glass of water to food normalizes digestion and metabolism. Drink it at the rate of 30 milliliters on 1 kg of weight.
  7. Convince yourself to eat properly and tasty after end of diet. Dishes have to be freshly cooked, stewed or boiled.
  8. Combine observance of diet with physical activity. Play sports, dances, make walks, do gymnastics in the mornings, so you will develop habit to lead healthy and correct life.
  9. To calculate the correct diet, without being nutritionist, is difficult task. It is possible to be guided by ready diets, but ideally, for obtaining lasting effect it is better to address the expert.
  10. Remember that there are age periods when it is contraindicated to go on diet - to girls at whom the menstrual cycle, to women in before the climacteric period and also to pregnant women and the feeding mothers is formed. The person wishing to eat on diet has to be surely healthy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team