Features of kolorirovaniye/brondirovaniye of dark hair

Features of kolorirovaniye/brondirovaniye of dark hair

The modern fashion goes forward with great strides, every day being improved and transformed. Now among owners of dark hair at the peak of popularity there is procedure for coloring called brondirovaniye. The shine of color, patches of light playing on hair, which are smoothly poured each other shades – all this brondirovaniye.


Brond is shade which changes from the burned-out brown-haired person to fair-haired. Pluses of this procedure is that after it hair become more dense and volume, and the face, thanks to correctly picked up shade, becomes much fresher.

By Brondirovaniye it is created for those who want to change something in the shape, but will hesitate on serious changes in any way. Also it can be recommended to those who want to grow the natural hair color. Smooth transition from dark roots to light tips looks very naturally, thanks to it hair can be not tinted long time.

Brondirovaniye will be rescue and for those women at whom by nature rare, deprived of volume hair. The multiple layers of color will make them visually more dense. Such procedure is ideal for long straight lines or a little curly hair. You should not do brondirovaniye to owners of curly hair since the effect of this procedure just will not be noticeable. Best of all such way of coloring suits dark hair since the growing roots will not be evident. Besides, the equipment brond effectively hides the appearing gray hair.

Features of brondirovaniye for dark hair

There is a lot of options of such coloring. Generally this coloring by smooth transition from dark roots to absolutely light tips. There is brondirovaniye option with effect of solar patches of light in the hair which have burned out in the sun hair or coloring frame of curls. Dark and fair-haired shades of hair will be suitable for such procedures more, it will be good to look golden-beige color. But keep in mind that having made such brondirovaniye, you will need to devote a lot of time to make-up, otherwise hair will have untidy and not well-groomed appearance. Before making this procedure, consider some factors that afterwards there were no disappointments as a result. The tone of skin, color of eyes, natural shade of hair have huge value. Choosing color for brond, you can experiment with contrast shades or, on the contrary, in harmony on color. When coloring hair the equipment of modulation of shades is used. For receiving high-quality coloring, address skilled masters. Consider that it is much more difficult for bright brunettes to do brondirovaniye. Before the procedure their hair clarify, and coloring happens in the equipment of kolorirovaniye by means of which the effect of soft modulation of brown and golden tones is reached. Brond is fancy combination of the shades which are smoothly passing each other. Are most often used coffee, chocolate, fair-haired, with small shade of golden blond, color. The result of coloring is as close as possible to natural, natural tone of hair for this reason he is capable to refresh any appearance and to hide its small shortcomings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team