House nail care

House nail care

What is done expensively in salon can be made houses, and at the same time to save money. It appears, it is pleasant to do manicure and pedicure and it is not difficult. However it is necessary to have a few improvised materials.

It is required to you

  • For manicure:
  • - liquid soap
  • - pan
  • - wooden stick
  • - nail file
  • - varnishes
  • For pedicure:
  • - sea salt
  • - basin
  • - pumice or nail file
  • - wooden stick
  • - nail file
  • - varnishes
  • - cotton wool or pedicure divider


1. We do manicure pour a little warm water Into pan, add to it soap. Lower in soap solution of hand for 10 minutes.

2. Wooden stick remove cuticle.

3. Give nail file to nails the necessary form, lower hands in water again for 3 minutes. Then well wipe hands.

4. Make up nails transparent varnish or varnish basis, then put several layers of color varnish, and then fixer.

5. We do pedicure Pour warm water in basin, add sea salt, lower in water of leg and well steam out.

6. Process problem places of legs pumice, wash water.

7. Remove cuticle as well as in case with manicure, between fingers put cotton wool or divider.

8. Apply varnish basis, then several layers of color varnish, and then varnish-fixer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team