How accurately to make up nails

How accurately to make up nails

That nails looked beautifully, it is important to learn to look after them correctly. Unfortunately, often the rhythm of life of the modern woman does not allow to find time for visit of salon. In that case it is necessary – to flirt the only option behind handles independently.


1. Before painting nails, soften cuticle in bath with hot water. Then by means of special stick remove it – it has to rise a little over nail plate. After that remove cuticle with manicure nozhnichka. Such actions need to be carried out before each procedure of coloring of nails, otherwise varnish will remain on cuticle, and nails will look inaccurately.

2. By means of nail file give the necessary form to nail. Movements have to be from edges to the center that nails did not exfoliate afterwards.

3. Now turn of grinding nail file. It is better if it is several of them, with different degree of granularity. Begin to grind the surface of nails at first the most rough, then nail file of average granularity, and it is necessary to complete this stage the nail file adding gloss. Only be not overzealous not to damage nail plate.

4. Accurately to make up nails, choose the correct brush for varnish. Give preference to products of popular brands which are responsible for quality of the products. Stock up with several brushes for different shades. Besides well-known companies offer products under the nail size that too is very convenient when using. By means of such brush you will cover nail with accurate layer from one dab – quickly and beautifully.

5. Degrease nails and put the first layer. It has to be the basis under varnish. It is different: strengthening, against stratification, for the weakened nails, clarifying, etc. Choose suitable you. Most often it transparent and anyway levels the surface of nail and protects from varnish pigment.

6. After the basis dries up, in the same order put the first layer of color varnish and wait until it dries. Pay attention that that varnish has laid down beautifully, it is necessary to put it accurately in three dabs. Do the first dab in the middle, then – on each side.

7. The following layer is fixer. It will add durability and gloss to your manicure. Though sometimes it is possible to do also without it. Let's varnish dry very well. Sustain 20-30 minutes, and your manicure will not deteriorate from accidental touch any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team