How to smooth face skin

How to smooth face skin

It is impossible to stop natural process of aging of skin – every year on it there are not esthetic wrinkles. But to slow down a little process of appearance of new wrinkles and anti-aging care for skin will help to smooth already available folds.

1. Use the rejuvenating creams. The independent choice of cream against wrinkles can lead to mistakes – at best the structure will be just inefficient, and can sometimes complicate situation (the increased flabbiness of skin, hypostases, etc.). Address the cosmetologist who will help to pick up the necessary means, considering your age, condition of skin, its type, etc. For the rejuvenating structures the antioxidants, vitamins peeling substances, collagen stimulators are considered as universal components.

2. Do gymnastics for the person – it improves blood circulation and food of skin cells, helps to save from mimic wrinkles, horizontal strips on forehead and "goose pads".

3. Use vegetable oils. The A, B, P and E vitamins which are contained in them strengthen small capillaries, smooth wrinkles and nourish skin. Cedar, olive and almond oils are considered as anti-aging.

4. Provide to skin the sufficient level of moisture. Skin often suffers from dehydration and in such conditions on it there are quicker wrinkles as production of own collagen is at a loss. Drink a lot of water and do not forget to moisturize the skin masks, compresses and mineral sprayings.

5. Use practice of acupuncture – several sessions will help to get rid of small wrinkles, to remove nasolabial folds, wrinkles in mouth corners.

6. Ask for the help in cosmetology salon – modern hardware technologies and the latest means allow to update skin and to smooth it with minimal risk of adverse effects. Influence by electric current, the ionophoresis, introduction under skin of the medicines blocking muscular activity help to reduce quantity of wrinkles, to outline face contours.

7. Parting with addictions will help to keep youth of the face. Having left off smoking, to abuse alcohol, you can expect increase in elasticity of skin. At the same time appearance of new wrinkles will not be such prompt as earlier when you poisoned the organism with nicotine and hard alcoholic drinks (any toxins cause loss of kollagena and provoke developing of wrinkles).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team