How at home to make hair extension

How at home to make hair extension

Modern cosmetology technologies allow the woman to look always perfectly and to quickly change the appearance. Hair extension is universal and very popular means for achievement of desirable hairstyle today. The woman, having short hairstyle, can become the owner of magnificent long and thick hair. For this purpose it is not obligatory to visit beauty shop and to spend big money. Hair extension is possible also in house conditions.


  1. In specialized shop buy all necessary tools and materials for this procedure: nippers for fixing of the increased hair, divider for locks, the vibrorazor for alignment of borders with own hair and, of course, artificial locks. Prepare the hair for the procedure - carefully wash up them soft shampoo.
  2. Divide the hair on head circle into small locks. Having allocated one (no more than 1 cm in the diameter), attach to it lock of artificial hair at distance no more than one centimeter from roots. On the end of artificial lock the special keratinaceous capsule (Italian technology) has to be attached. Melt it nippers. Thanks to it attachment of hair is also carried out. Do the same with other locks. Move in the direction from front part to nape.
  3. After all locks are attached, process them the vibrorazor. It will allow to level hair and to smooth joints of the increased and your own hair. All procedure will take you three or four hours. Instead of capsules it is possible to use hot pitch, silicone, or wax and kleevy gun. At such way of building very rough joints of hair turn out therefore they should be processed carefully the vibrorazor, and afterwards it is not recommended to comb hair often.
  4. Hot way very effective, but because of thermal influence it is possible to injure hair. There is also other safer method of building. It is referred to the Spanish technology based on cold method. Hair are attached by means of special Ruber glue which can also be bought in specialized shop. Such technology is difficult in carrying out and demands certain experience.
  5. One more method is building on metal beads. In special metal ring it is necessary to push accurately lock of artificial and your own hair and to press it flat-nose pliers. However, the effect of such procedure is short (about two weeks). Having chosen for itself suitable method of hair extension, you will be able to carry out without special work such procedure in house conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team