How often it is possible to do peeling of body

How often it is possible to do peeling of body

The beautiful and shining health body skin – dream of many women. Clarification is one of the main guarantees of her health and beauty. The peeling will make skin more smooth, young and attractive.

1. The peeling is procedure of clarification of skin which consists in peeling of its upper keratosic layer. As a result strong pollution and comedones are removed, there is skin improvement.

2. There are several types of peeling: mechanical, chemical, hardware. The simplest type of peeling – mechanical, consists in massaging of body cosmetics (srubs, gommages) with abrasive particles.

3. The chemical peeling becomes by means of the substances (minerals, acids) which are actively influencing skin. Usually similar peeling is done for rejuvenation of face skin, but it can be used also for improvement of appearance of hands, area of neck or zone of decollete. The procedure should be carried out in the period of the inactive sun: since the beginning of October until the end of March, in northern areas - up to the end of April. Contraindications are: individual intolerance of the used medicine, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy and lactation, strong rashes on skin.

4. At hardware peeling new scientific achievements in the field of cosmetology are applied. Similar procedures are carried out by experts in beauty shops. Treat hardware peeling: laser, ultrasound, vacuum method. These types of peeling are quite aggressive, though are very effective in elimination of many cosmetic defects of skin. For example, the laser peeling solves such problems as wrinkles, birthmarks, warts, papillomas, scars, hems and extensions.

5. The cosmetologist will help to define the most suitable type of peeling. The easy peeling suits practically any skin (exception – strong rashes or skin diseases). More aggressive types of peeling are required for the mature, withering and pigmented skin. They will help to get rid of extensions and cellulitis, and hems on body will make less noticeable.

6. Frequency of holding procedure depends on different factors: age, health, state and type of skin. You should not do peeling too often, it can injure skin. The deep peeling is better to do 2 times a month, and easy once a week. For dry skin it is recommended to carry out house peeling not more often than 1 time a week. For oily and normal skin - 2 times a week.

7. The peeling can be done also in house conditions. For this purpose it is possible to buy ready cosmetic or to make structure of necessary products. The most popular ingredients for house peeling are honey, sea salt and coffee thick.

8. Irrespective of the venue, this cosmetology procedure will clean and will enrich skin with oxygen, will improve its appearance and will start regeneration process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team