How to achieve chocolate hair color

How to achieve chocolate hair color

The chocolate hair color does not give in many years, and every year it has new admirers. Happy owners of this shade always look gentle and womanly and at the same time very effective.


  1. Before painting of hair think whether this color and what shade it is better to choose will suit you. Perfectly chocolate hair color looks on girls with appearance type "fall" and "winter". And here at girls "spring" and "summer" after coloring of hair can lose face expressiveness.
  2. Chocolate color has mass of shades. You also could notice it, developing foil from chocolate. Milk, bitter, melted chocolate – all these colors differ from each other and go to girls with different appearance.
  3. Depending on your type of appearance it is necessary to select also shade of paint. To girls like "fall" warm shades with red or reddish outflow will go more. And here the girl will smartly look "winter" with chocolate hair of cold color. It is better for strict and detached "female winter" to choose as noble color from palette of hot or dark chocolate, without reddishness or redness.
  4. Girls who have light eyes and pale skin should remember that after they dye hair in chocolate, they should impose make-up constantly. Without it the person will become faded and inexpressive.
  5. Owners of fair or light brown hair were lucky most of all, it is much simpler to them to pick up the necessary shade. The color of paint chosen by them really will turn out such, as on packing. It is better for owners of more dark hair to consult to the master who will help to pick up right color. Besides hair color the master will estimate their structure, will notice almost inaudible shades and will advise paint which will give desirable color to you.
  6. Before the girl who is going to recolour hair there is always question: what paint to prefer - natural or on chemical basis? Everything depends on how long you are going to be "chocolate". Would you like to try something new before holidays, or have decided to change the image cardinally? Natural paints are washed away much quicker, than on chemical basis therefore be guided by how long you want to be "chocolate".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team