How to be beautiful on the first appointment

How to be beautiful on the first appointment

for the first appointment with the pleasant man of the woman with special care, meet, as we know, on clothes. However often in the aspiration to seem the most beautiful, ladies try to obtain opposite effect. That the appointment has taken place in the best way, it is important to create harmonious stylish image.


  1. Be prepared for appointment in advance. Pick up set of clothes and make-up according to the place chosen for meeting, weather and your plans. Gathering at the latest moment, you can be late for it, at least. If you do not manage to change clothes after work, take replaceable blouse or jacket and also make-up bag in office. So you will be able to update make-up and to replace business image with more romantic.
  2. Men like elegant brittle girls. Therefore for the first appointment in cafe or restaurant it is better to choose womanly dress of gentle shade as length to knees. The sheath dress as it will hide figure shortcomings in waist will also become good option. The quite good ensemble will be made by silk blouse and pleated skirt. If all of you prefer trousers, put on classical direct model in combination with light shirt or the fitted tunic. Direct jeans in combination with stylish polo-neck, vest or bright top will be suitable for walk on the city. The sports clothes style will be appropriate only if you have decided to go to stadium.
  3. Footwear for appointment should not cause you inconveniences, otherwise you will look uncertainly and will not be able to derive pleasure from communication. If you carry heels, then let their height will be average. Instead of convenient Siberian salmons it is possible to combine stylish low shoes, shoes loafers or oxfords with trousers or jeans.
  4. The make-up holds specific place in the course of preparation for the first appointment. You should not use too bright shadows, lipstick or means with spangles if only you do not go to night club. It is better if the make-up is sustained in quiet harmonious tones. Emphasize eyes by means of volume ink, and the sensuality will add to lips flickering gloss. If you use perfumery, do not test the interlocutor for durability strong, bright aromas. Gentle distinguished spirits have to become your satellite this evening. And of course, do not forget about accurate manicure.
  5. Accessories are fine opportunity to emphasize femininity or to draw attention to certain parts of body. However on the first appointment will be set from small earrings, rings and chains sustained in uniform style enough. Do not try to strike the man, having put on all jewelry at once or having chosen the brightest and large of them, it will only push away him from you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team