How to be restored after feeding by breast

How to be restored after feeding by breast

Incubation and feeding of the baby is the most joyful and difficult period in the woman's life. Mammary glands increase in sizes that can promote emergence of extensions. Besides, excess weight because of hormonal reorganizations of organism quite often appears. The recovery period can be accelerated as much as possible if to find for itself enough time.

It is required to you

  • - contrast shower;
  • - diet;
  • - physical exercises.


1. After the lactation period the breast can still remain a little increased. To prevent extensions, daily take contrast shower. Water procedures promote blood circulation improvement, skin becomes more elastic.

2. After the water procedures accurately blot breast with soft terry towel, you apply the special cream intended for prevention of extensions. You do not wear very dense bra. If the breast has begun to decrease, select bra according to the changed size.

3. For decrease in excess weight daily do physical exercises, reduce food caloric content. If during incubation of pregnancy and breastfeeding you did not limit in anything yourself, end of lactation – the most suitable period to make it.

4. The main component of diet make the boiled or steamed vegetables. Instead of sweets use fruit, completely refuse food after 18 hours, do not use rich bakery products, limit reception of tinned, smoked and hot dishes. Eat fractionally and often. It will help to dump several kilograms and to feel much more surely.

5. Do not forget to do morning exercises daily. Child care takes away enough time and forces, but at the same time not all groups of muscles are involved. Generally exercises on strengthening of stomach, hips are required.

6. For muscles of stomach use exercises on inflating of press. During pregnancy, oblique muscles stretch. For strengthening daily you carry out the following type of exercises. Lay down on back, assign socks of legs for bed, hands to the head. Raise trunk of 100-150 times at fast speed. It is rather difficult to execute from the first this exercise, but in process of training you without effort will be able to carry out its specified number of times.

7. By the same method it is possible to strengthen oblique muscles of stomach, raising legs. At the same time hands have to be behind the head. If it is difficult for you to start independently trainings, register in the fitness center. It is enough to visit its three once a week and to put muscles in order under the leadership of the experienced trainer. Results will not keep themselves waiting. You will be in former excellent physical shape, as till the birth and feeding of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team