How to beat off appetite

How to beat off appetite

For decrease in excess weight it is necessary to limit the use of calories. It is recommended to eat often, but in the small portions. In the evening it is desirable to refuse consumption of food, and the appetite can be beaten off in several ways. In most cases desire to eat vanishes.


  1. Make green tea, it is desirable without sugar. Having drunk cup of tea, the appetite will be gone. Green tea promotes combustion of fats.
  2. If you have no allergy, then eat teaspoon of honey and drink glass of water.
  3. In case hunger continues to torment, drink glass of skim milk or kefir.
  4. It is possible to beat off hunger by means of low-calorie fruit. Apples or pears will approach. And here it is better to refuse peaches and bananas, they are very caloric.
  5. Part two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water and drink. It is possible to add honey teaspoon. Hunger has to take place. Instead of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice will approach.
  6. Broth from corn snouts perfectly reduces appetite. It is possible to buy it in any drugstore.
  7. Sparkling water will save from hunger, but it surely has to be without sugar.
  8. If it is absolutely impossible to cope with feeling of hunger, eat low-calorie products. Buckwheat cereal on water, oat-flakes, it is possible fresh vegetables.
  9. In drugstores, special medicine which controls appetite are sold. For example, Apetinol, Meridia, Izolipan and many others. Reduce the appetite and medicines containing caffeine which can also be bought in drugstore.

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