How to braid gulka

How to braid gulka

Gulka represents hairstyle from the hair collected in bunch on nape or is slightly lower. Ways of weaving of gulka there is great variety. This laying will be suitable for solemn occasions and will relevant look in working situation.

It is required to you

  • - strong hold hairspray;
  • - hairpins - invisible beings;
  • - hairpins with beautiful heads;
  • - scrunchies;
  • - hairbrush with rare teeths and the sharp end;
  • - brush.


  1. Gulka which will approach business suit becomes very simply. Comb hair back. Braid not really hard braid. Fix it by elastic band. Wrap the free end of braid around the basis. Pin up hairpins in several places that curls kept and have formed bunch. Sprinkle gulka varnish. Decorate hairstyle with beautiful hairpins or artificial flower. Select accessories in tone to suit.
  2. One more option of daily gulka. Comb hair, braid braid and build bunch, as in the first option. Then hairbrush with the thin sharp handle accurately pull out several locks from gulka. Do not do them too long, the hairstyle will carelessly look. Fix laying by varnish and attach elegant hairpin.
  3. For solemn occasion braid beautiful, but rather difficult performed by, gulka. For this purpose divide hair into two parts, across, in nape. Comb curls from the top of the head below, braid to the free spit and make bunch. Fix it by varnish and hairpins. Try to make it as much as possible volume - it will be the basis of gulka. Above, to forehead, divide hair from nape into 7-8 locks. Comb everyone and fix by varnish or gel for laying. Fix temporal locks by hairpins under bunch. Further stack them on one, binding among themselves that the basket from hair has turned out. Sprinkle ready hairstyle varnish of strong fixing. Decorate gulka with decorative hairpins, rhinestones, plumelets and flowers.
  4. There is gulka which can be weaved even out of hair of average length. Comb curls in occipital part and make bunch. Fix it by hairpins or hairpins. Lift the remained locks up and lay around gulka. Fix by means for laying. Add stylish accessories and the hairstyle is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team