How to choose suitable hair shampoo?

Healthy and beautiful hair are first of all result of competent clarification. Whatever simple this process seemed, there are certain nuances, first of which - the choice of suitable shampoo.

How often to wash hair? As it is pleasant to you. Only not any shampoo is suitable for daily washing. Pay attention: pH should not exceed 5.0-6.0. Higher rates speak about alkaline basis of shampoo, so, it can dry hair. It is good if means contains the moisturizing natural oils, plant extracts (camomile, aloe belief, calendula), seaweed, ceramides. But even such structure does not cancel the subsequent leaving - conditioners and masks.

If hair are painted

Dyed hair demands special shampoos which do not wash away artificial pigment, and promotes its fixing. Especially it is relevant for the hair painted in bright and dark shades and also after use of demipermanentny dyes. Pay attention to means with extracts of sunflower, hibiscus, complex of the vegetable oils restoring hydrobalance and enhancing gloss. Now it is simple to find special means for blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women. They contain a few color pigments which support brightness of color and neutralize yellowness at blondes.

Fat volosysam on themselves hair cannot be fat. The problem is in head skin, to be exact, in too active work of sebaceous glands. In this case seboreguliruyushchy shampoos with extracts of lemon, eucalyptus, nettle, with zinc, brown seaweed will be irreplaceable. These means reduce development of sebum (secret) and normalize water and lipidic balance. It is not necessary to use their everyone. Already through 3-4 washings the hair will longer remain clean and it is better to hold laying. Often oily skin of the head is combined with fine hair. Shampoos with panthenol will help with structure. It does curls more dense and volume. Not to make heavier the hair which are looking after means you put, having receded to steam of centimeters from roots. As it is correct to wash golovuparikmakher say that this process – the whole art. First, you watch amount of shampoo. Quite enough drop will be size about 50-kopeck coin. Shampoo needs to be made foam in hands and only then to apply on wet hair, to properly massage head skin. Wash away and then put means repeatedly, having distributed on all length of hair. Abundance of foam – not indicator of quality of clarification. Bessulfatny means give very few foam, but at the same time well delete pollution and styling. Something novenkoyev lately more and more popular are bessulfatny shampoos, that is without sodium laureth sulfate in structure – it though well cleans hair, but overdries them. Bessulfatny shampoos work at the expense of other, much less aggressive substances which safety is proved by numerous researches. If head skin negatively reacts to habitual shampoos, appear itch and feeling of tightness, there is sense to try these, softer, bessulfatny means. Similar situation and with very dry or injured hair which always need more careful clarification. If have to use special tonic shampoos volosymozhno. They improve blood circulation, stimulate work of hair follicles, strengthen hair and stimulate growth of new. The majority of similar means has the cooling or warming effect at the expense of menthol or mint, or thanks to extract of burning pepper or other spices. Such "temperature" influence causes small angiospasm owing to what microblood circulation amplifies, and exchange processes in head skin return to normal. Rules of use toning shampuneytoniziruyushchy shampoos use course according to certain scheme (every day or every other day – about it it is told in the instruction). Before initiation of treatment it is deeply quite good to clean hair and head skin that "to open the road" to active components of shampoo. At essential hair loss to shampoo it is necessary to pick up also special leaving – ampoules or masks for head skin feeding hair follicles. Peeling On any site of skin the keratosic cages which interfere with access of oxygen gradually accumulate and slow down regeneration processes. Head skin not exception therefore from time to time it is necessary to do peeling. For this purpose there are special means which contain mechanical water-soluble abrasives or small percent of ANA-acids. Look for similar products among professional and pharmaceutical brands. Dry shampunsukhy shampoo is irreplaceable in situations when it is necessary to refresh hair, but there is no opportunity to wash up them. It works at the expense of special substances-absorbents which absorb skin fat and thus return to curls natural gloss and volume. And still dry shampoo is SOS means which for a while will return to hairstyle freshness, but will not replace washing. If at you perkhotsovt: it is good to leave shampoos for fight against dandruff after drawing on hair for 1-2 minutes. If dandruff has developed suddenly, try to change leaving. Perhaps, head skin suffers from lack of moisture and became more sensitive. As a rule, it is followed by itch and feeling of tightness. For the solution of similar problems there are soft moisturizing shampoos. Give preference to those which contain bisabolol, extracts of camomile and lavender, vegetable oils. But still dandruff can be caused by fungal infection. Therefore many medical shampoos contain antifungal components, for example, ketokonazol. Other means work at the expense of zinc, selenium which increase local immunity of head skin and improve its state.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team