How to choose the iron for hair straightening

How to choose the iron for hair straightening

The fashion for smooth hairstyles which has not so long ago come to us, sometimes plunges owners of the hair curling by nature into despair, however to achieve the desirable goal and to cardinally change the image special electric devices for alignment of hair, so-called irons can help.


  1. That correctly select iron for straightening hair, consider the following aspects: Covering of working surface. Choose irons with the working plates executed from ceramics or tourmaline. These materials distribute heat more evenly, than metal. Thereby it is possible to avoid thermal injuries to the hair tied with aggressive influence of high temperatures. However be extremely careful – ceramic irons are afraid of impact load.
  2. Device power. Select the power of irons depending on tasks which are set for it: if alignment of hair curly by nature is planned, give preference to devices with high power, in case of use of the iron for equal hair, only for giving of smoothness and gloss to them, power can be average. It is desirable to stop the choice on the device with the power regulator.
  3. Body form. In spite of the fact that modern electric devices are issued in the most ergonomic execution successfully to choose the iron for hair straightening, take it in hand and estimate, the form of its body is how convenient whether its weight approaches whether comfortably to use it during several dozen minutes. Besides, time the iron is created by the industry of beauty and directed to esthetic work, its appearance has to just be pleasant to the owner.
  4. Power supply. Before commission of purchase consider in what conditions the iron will be operated – whether it has to be constantly at home or will become the faithful companion on travel, business trips or periodic departures on the nature or giving. Perfectly to look and be at the same time mobile, buy the iron on accumulator food. Besides, without being connected with wire food, the iron provides more freedom during forming of hairstyle and allows hand to operate more actively less to be tired.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team