How to clarify fair hair

How to clarify fair hair

The brunettes spoiling hair hydrogen peroxide to decolour them can only envy blond girls. Fair and light brown hair can be made is lighter in house conditions, having refreshed at the same time hair color. For this purpose use special shampoos with the clarifying effect and also various national ways. House means are good doubly, they enhance silkiness, gloss and force of hair.

It is required to you

  • Camomile broth:
  • - 2 tsps of dry flowers of camomile,
  • - 1 l. boiled water.
  • The clarifying conditioner with lemon juice:
  • - 1/4 lemons,
  • - 1 l. waters.
  • The house clarifying hair-dye:
  • - 0.5 l. apple cider vinegar,
  • - 20 g of dry flowers of camomile,
  • - 20 g of dry flowers of calendula,
  • - 4 lemons,
  • - 50 g of alcohol,
  • - 50 ml of liquid honey,
  • - 1 root of rhubarb.


  1. Add to hair golden gloss by means of camomile broth. The camomile softens dry hair, does them brilliant and obedient. Regular rinsings by infusion of flowers of camomile are capable to clarify hair and to give them natural golden shade.
  2. Prepare camomile broth as follows: fill in dry flowers with abrupt boiled water, let's infuse to broth within two hours then filter. Rinse hair after each washing that the effect of such natural clarification has been noticeable in month of its use.
  3. Clarify hair lemon juice. East beauties as it not only has the clarifying effect use this means, but also adds to curls dazzling gloss. Rinsings by water with lemon juice do not suit those girls at whom the dry, strongly injured hair. In this case juice of lemon can do much harm it.
  4. Way of preparation of the clarifying conditioner: dissolve juice of quarter of lemon in warm boiled water and rinse with it hair after each washing.
  5. Try one more option of natural clarification of hair - honey mask. On the action honey is similar to hydrogen peroxide. At long impact on hair, it allocates the bleaching particles which softly clarify natural pigment. At long influence (till 8 o'clock), honey can clarify fair-haired curls even on 2 tones. The large role is played here with how strong natural color pigments of your head of hear.
  6. Wash hair with the usual shampoo, having added to it half of teaspoon of salt. Apply liquid honey on clean moist hair, carefully and evenly distributing it on all head. Wrap hair polyethylene and cover with towel. Hold time of honey mask depends on what result of clarification you want to receive as a result. It is possible to make honey mask for the night. Honey strengthens structure of hair, does them more softly and more obediently.
  7. Prepare the house clarifying hair-dye. For this purpose fill in rhubarb root apple to application. It is applied on hair and maintained up to 30 minutes. Ready paint can be stored in the fridge about one month and to use before each washing of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team