How to clarify hair by means of natural means

How to clarify hair by means of natural means

The light hair color does not get out of fashion, and male hearts always direct to blondes. And own gold-haired image seems to girls easier and touching. Together with it, many girls are tormented long ago by question - how to clarify hair natural means?

To clarify hair chemical means harmfully. And especially it is noticeable on fine hair to which in general chemical influences are contraindicated. It is known that by means of vegetable paints of henna and basma and also broth of onions peel, rhubarb and bark of oak it is possible to paint hair in red and dark tone of various intensity. But here that the nature can offer us to make hair is lighter?

Such means are, let there is not a lot of them. Of course, it will be impossible to become the blonde from the brunette with their help, but to here clarify the curls on two-three tones quite really. At the same time the structure of hair will not suffer at all, moreover, such procedures will play role of mask and will be able even to strengthen hair, to add gloss and to improve appearance. Clarification of hair natural means can be done quite often, without being afraid of them to damage. Time from time will occur also some accumulative effect, that is curls will is gradually become a little more lighter.

The most known way of natural clarification of hair is use of lemon juice. Squeeze out several lemons and evenly apply on hair. The it will longer turn out not to wash away juice, the hair will be lighter. For strengthening of effect it is good to carry out such procedure on sunny day to have opportunity to hold up the head to the sun. It is possible to combine two affairs — clarification of hair and campaign on the beach, having just sprayed hair from spray with lemon juice and having gone then to sunbathe. In 3-4 hours it is desirable to wash properly the head, otherwise can strongly begin to pinch head skin and hair will be overdried. Well cinnamon in mix with honey clarifies curls. The clarifying mix will require four spoons of powder of cinnamon, two spoons of olive oil, half of glass of honey and warm water for dilution. All this weight should be smeared on moist hair, to warm and go so about four hours. It is possible to make such mask even for the night: curls will gain unusual softness and silkiness along with clarification on couple of tones. The clarifying properties of camomile are known to also much. It is possible to use it often, and it is necessary to hold only half an hour. 100 grams of dry flowers should be filled in with two glasses of water, to boil five minutes, to filter. To add 30 g of glycerin to broth. If you use not all mix - you can put the remains in the fridge for further ispolzovaniyaeshche the recipe from rhubarb with vinegar is more effective. The rhubarb can be bought in the market or in supermarket. Vinegar is necessary only natural, grape or apple. They need to fill in rhubarb to cover from above and to boil thoroughly 15 min. The received filtered structure can also be held in the fridge, warming up before use a little. Before each washing of the head it is necessary to apply it on the head and to hold of half an hour till two o'clock. For accumulative effect in the first two weeks it is necessary to do it constantly, and then as required only on roots.

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