How to clean skin in house conditions

Skin requires permanent care. If constantly not to watch it, it gets gray shade, begins to become covered by pimples and to wither. It is necessary not only to wash skin, but also to regularly use the peeling means which will delete dead cells of epithelial fabric.

1. Use face scrub and bodies two times a week. And if you have problem skin, then daily application of the peeling means will approach. But you watch closely condition of skin: if it begins to dry, then stop use of srub.

2. If you need to clean face, then mix soda and shaving foam, put the turned-out mix on face and massage with circular motions several minutes. This way well copes with heat-spots, black dots and deeply cleans pores from grease pollution.

3. For clarification of body mix liquid soap or shower gel with soda or small salt. Apply on moist body and massage then carefully wash away water and apply nutritious cream. Very often women complain of dryness of skin though use milk for body, the problem is in devitalized particles which do not allow cream to nourish skin.

4. If there is no srub, and there is no wish to invent it at all or you have allergy to cosmetics, then for clarification of skin use rigid bast for body, and for the person usual foam sponge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team