How to remove tumor on lip

How to remove tumor on lip

The tumor on lip can develop for various reasons. For example, as a result of allergy to some product – pineapple, grapes, citrus, chocolate. Also it can be consequence of blow or damage, for example, after the prima at the stomatologist. Often formations on lip happen because of herpes. Various ways of removal of hypostasis are necessary for each case.


1. If hypostasis of lip was caused by allergy, in this case it is necessary to exclude, first, from diet the product which has caused allergy and also to take the antiallergenic drugs. Now in drugstore various antihistamines of means, for example, tavegil, suprostin and so on are on sale. Accept that which you use usually or consult with the doctor.

2. At blow or other mechanical damage on lip the hematoma, or bruise can be formed. It causes puffiness which, of course, spoils appearance. Make sure that wound not dangerous and apply any of ways which can remove bruise. Sometimes well cold helps. Apply the ice wrapped in clean scarf or napkin to hypostasis, and take within several minutes.

3. Then repeat the procedure several times, yet you will not notice visible improvements. Do not hold long time at all and do not put the ice which is not wrapped in bandage or scarf – it can cause overcooling and even necrosis of fabrics! If there is no ice near at hand, can use the napkin wetted in cold water.

4. At any hypostases and bruises the nonsense very well helps. You can buy it in drugstore in the form of powder (in this case it needs to be parted with water) or gel. Apply nonsense on the damaged place, the tumor will gradually descend on "no".

5. After mechanical damages and blows well remove tumor by means of lead lotion. Now in drugstores special lead water is on sale. It is better to keep it in the fridge. Wet in it cotton pad and put to the damaged place.

6. For removal of hypostasis after blow it is possible to use any ointment after bruises which has no warming effect. Smear with it the swelled place.

7. If hypostasis on lip has resulted from herpes virus, then here it is necessary to remove the cause. Learn about it at the doctor. And here herpes symptoms (those sores and tumors on lip) can be removed by means of ointments which are on sale in drugstores, for example, ointment acyclovir, gerpivir or sintamitsinovy ointment well helps. In any case, before using any means, consult with the doctor.

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