How to correct figure Yabloko

How to correct figure Yabloko

Quite often women are dissatisfied not with own figure in general, but certain sites of the body. For example, too wide hips with narrow waist and flat stomach. In that case for the most high-quality and fast correction of shortcomings of figure it is necessary to pay attention to its look. If with the naked eye it is visible that the fat accumulates most of all around waist, then such figure call Yabloko.


1. The main task of owners of such figure is in waist to remove excess centimeters. Diets on this type assume removal of slags from organism and its full clarification. To achieve these objectives, include ginger tea, fish and soy, walnuts in the diet. To help clarification and improvement of organism vegetables in the raw can, try to eat them more.

2. Eat only complex carbohydrates: bean, cereals, vegetables and fruit. Exclude from the daily diet completely: sugar, bread, confectionery, pasta.

3. Also will help to reduce volumes in waist to you special exercises. Be engaged at least 40 minutes 3 times a week in run, driving by bicycle or swimming, it will help you to gain muscle bulk in upper and lower parts of body. Also exercises on extension will be very useful.

4. - to "apples" it is the best of all for women to begin day with consumption of porridge or fresh fruit. For the night do not eat at all, create the diet which should not include more than 1500 kcal. Eat 3 times a day in the small portions. After six in the evening you can have green tea only.

5. Exercises for muscles of abdominal press will stimulate combustion of fat around waist. Starting position: you lay down on back, bend legs, you hold hands on nape, part elbows in the parties. Slowly raise upper body and lower. Repeat to start 15 times. Every day increase, you will not reach 25 times yet.

6. The following exercise - inclination with turn. This exercise will help you to tighten muscles of legs and to work over waist. Become directly, place legs a little more widely than shoulders. Raise hands over the head. Then bend forward and try to touch by hands of sock of the right leg. Become straight, too most repeat for the left leg. Repeat exercise not less than 20 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team