How to cure acne rash

How to cure acne rash

Eels, pimples or acne – inflammation with characteristic rashes on face or separate parts of the body. Most often acne rash disturbs teenagers aged from 11 till 15 flyings, but sometimes the disease occurs also in adults. How to get rid of problem for the short period of time?

The reason of appearance of eels is in functioning of sebaceous glands. At work violation, the sebaceous gland gets littered, forming black stopper (comedones) in time. To get rid of it simple expression it will not turn out – dirt gets stuck in grease channel, creating the favorable atmosphere for reproduction of bacteria. If not to treat the inflammation reason, on skin bright red dots which "will bulk up" are formed and will very quickly turn into abscesses and painful pimples with white head. After their removal on skin there can be ugly hems which to remove very not easy. Eels are vulgar, steroid, pink, miliuma. Miliuma give cursor to inflammation process – the scattering of small white bubbles will instantly be transformed to vulgar, purulent pimples. Acne rash – the natural phenomenon in the teenager's life, but in the adult's life the inflammatory processes happen not just like that. The factors influencing emergence:

  • Failure of internal balance after the use of hormonal tablets, violation of exchanges in organism;
  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Unstable psychological state, depression;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid gland.

Pimples can be also formed because of incorrectly picked up cosmetics, the increased perspiration, excessive washing or, on the contrary, lack of leaving for face and body. If the problem has grown to the huge sizes, then consultation of the dermatologist will not turn out, will be required to correct situation with the help of ointments.

Treatment and prevention

Dirt – the enemy of skin. Carefully wash away cosmetics, you do not go to bed with not washed face. It is easy to pull out the black dots which have not sat down deeply inside by means of lemon vinegar or peroxide of hydrogen. You watch the food: greasy, spicy, smoked and salty food strengthens production of subcutaneous fat which accumulates on the surface of skin and clogs up pores. Adhere to healthy food, include more vegetables and fruit in the everyday menu. Soap overdries skin therefore it is better to use gels for washing. Do not squeeze out points or the inflamed nodes at all! Thus, you bring infection in open channels and help eels to expand even more. Buy the vitamins strengthening the immune system in drugstore.

The medicines "Adaklin", "Retinas – And", "Klenzit" and auxiliary gels delete grease consolidations and block emergence of new. Cream with azelaic acid peels the coarsened cages, kills bacteria. If to struggle with acne rash in the cosmetology centers, then will offer you professional face peel and medical ointments. If you have decided to treat yourself "from within", then vegetable and vegetable broths will serve as good start:

Fill in with glass of boiled water 1 tablespoon of roots of dandelion. Bring to boiling and boil 15 minutes, then filter broth and wait when cools down. It is necessary to drink in 10 minutes prior to meal. Dandelion infusion not only will save from acne rashes, but also will have the strengthening effect on all organism.

To remove pain, reddenings and pimples it is possible by means of cucumber mask. It is enough to make a little cucumber gruel, to fill in with small amount of boiled water, to allow to stand some time and to apply on the inflamed sites. It is possible to add 1 tablespoon of honey to cucumber gruel. For this purpose prepare lotion: three big spoons of cucumber steam glass of boiled water, remove at several o'clock, then add honey, stir. It is necessary to wipe face with cotton tampon after the morning procedures. In 10 minutes, lotion is washed away cool water.

Ogurtsovy infusion becomes by the same principle – the crushed ogurtsovy weight is steamed by 300 ml of boiled water, insist several hours, filter and drink. It is also useful to drink carrot juice in the mornings.

Eels it is possible to treat the onions mix scrolled on the meat grinder. It is not recommended to hold onions squash on face long – it is possible to burn skin.

Small whitish balls on chin or wings of nose do not respond to treatment. If you wish to remove them, then process needle alcohol, puncture dense ball and squeeze out. Grease the place with yodovy solution. Without emergency it is better to squeeze out nothing.

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