How to cut bean

How to cut bean

The hairstyle bean is very relevant in all the options today. It gives to the woman certain style, charm and elegance. It is short hairstyle therefore before selecting ideal option, it is necessary to consider shape of face, the general growth, completeness. To execute hairstyle bean some skills will be necessary.

It is required to you

  • scissors for hairstyle, scissors for tapering, hairpins ducks, hairbrush with the sharp end, round hairbrush, the hair dryer, means for laying.


  1. To decide on such short hairstyle, the client long consults on the master. Therefore, you have to know accurately all options of bean to prompt the most suitable option. A lot of things depend on structure of hair, rigidity, poslushnost. At fine straight hair, it is better not to do strongly short nape, and at dense, on the contrary, the nape can be made shorter, but considerably to extend front locks.
  2. Divide hair into zones, by means of vertical hair parting divide in half parietal zone. Carry out frontal and parietal hair parting. Separate the lower occipital zone special hair parting from one ear to another, carrying out hairbrush through occipital hillocks. Twist locks of each zone in plaits and pin up ducks.
  3. Cut hair in the lower part of nape by tushevka method. You can make separate fragmentary locks on neck. Further you pass to upper occipital zone. Here it is better to apply method of graduation which to direct inside. Separate control lock and impose on shortly cut zone of nape, determine length and cut.
  4. Interestingly the model with different length on nape and near the person looks. For this purpose in occipital part cut hair well, and getting closer to the person — gradually increase length. To check correctness of this line, comb hair back — the arch has to turn out. Cut control lock taking into account this arch. And then put the following lock to control and cut 3-5 millimeters more long. Thus walk on all upper occipital zone.
  5. Upper part can be cut and exactly. Then your task considerably will become simpler. In this case the form of hairstyle will have other option. On temporal zone do the line of caret. Only do not apply graduation, cut one equal cut.
  6. If desired it is possible to tonsure bang. You can make it equal or with inclination in one party. If hair too dense, bang it is possible to thin out a little. For giving to hairstyle of more roundish silhouette, make small vertical tapering. Stack bean phenom by means of round hairbrush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team