How to choose the site for construction of giving or country house

How to choose the site for construction of giving or country house

You should not choose allotment only for exterior. It is unlikely sites near natural reservoirs will be suitable for construction – most often at spring high water they are filled in with water. Lands near already existing settlements or in their territory are considered as reliable options. It will reduce problems with connection of communications.

It is good if you already have at least approximate plan of future house – then it is possible to be guided by it, for example, when determining length and width of the site. Ideally future building should not approach closely land border – there has to be interval at least in three meters. You can calculate the optimum length and width of the site, being guided by the house sizes on the plan made by you.

At purchase of land in some points located outside the city limits the laying of communications will run into money. Not all benefits differ in availability – for example, even in long ago the occupied settlements there is not always opportunity to carry out gas and water supply. Specify possibility of leading to the site of electricity, at the same time it is worth relying on assurances of the seller on – address to official services.

You should not buy the site for construction of residential building near industrial zones, busy highways, garbage dumps. Even having built the house there, you should live in it with tightly the closed windows. And quiet walks near the house will remain just dream.

Many persons interested to build housing in the country try to choose the site located near it. Such option should be counted attentively. At first sight everything is fine – construction will be carried out far from city bustle and at the same time all benefits of civilization are in availability. But can quite be that in still uninhabited square grandiose construction is planned, and later some few years the city will move to you closely. Whether it will be pleasant to you to live in full view of the population of cheap high-rise buildings?

If desired to buy certain site in the made habitable cottage settlement attentively study how there is its development today as the situation with infrastructure, what neighbors is. Try to assess situation adequately. Many try to find for themselves the ideal site and at the same time to pay as it is possible the smaller sum, and such approach not always turns out favorable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team