How to cut the machine for hairstyle

How to cut the machine for hairstyle

To have houses the podstrigatelny machine rather favourably. Its price comes true already in short period of time and it is not necessary to sit in turn in hairdressing salon. It is especially convenient to cut children who so are afraid of hairdressers who approach them with the similar device only slightly of the bigger size. And to learn to cut rather simply, after several hairstyles the skill and ability comes.


  1. Previously wash hair and dry. It will help to get rid of skin fat and will facilitate sliding of the machine. If to cut the dirty head, the machine will be hammered, and edges zatuplyatsya. And there can be irritation on skin because of hit of parts of dirt, when maintaining the machine on the head microcracks can be formed.
  2. Choose the nozzle, necessary on length, and record it on edge. If not to use nozzle, length of hair will turn out minimum, but nevertheless not as after the machine. Number of nozzle means length of hair after hairstyle, for example, when using the first nozzle you receive length of 1 mm.
  3. Turn on the machine in network and press the button. If you use the machine for the first time, do not forget to oil previously edge which is applied to set. It is necessary to grease running gears of the machine approximately once a month.
  4. Begin to conduct with occipital part, smoothly moving forward. If the machine badly cuts, try to put other nozzle which leaves behind big length. Having cut off the main part of the grown hair, you can put again nozzle which you have planned to have hair cut.
  5. Remove nozzle and straighten temples and neck without it. If desired you can use the ordinary machine, but do it by the machine much more safely. After hair are cut, wash the head and apply antibacterial lotion, it will help to avoid irritation of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team