How to decolour hair

How to decolour hair

If you want to make hair lighter and bright, it is possible to resort to the procedure of decolorization. Usually this process is very effective, however it demands correctness of carrying out. Otherwise can not equal your hopes for obtaining desirable result.

What is necessary for decolorization of hair in house conditions

Independently to decolour hair, be prepared for this procedure in advance. Get the most suitable means for decolorization of your hair color. It is possible to buy it in one of shops of professional cosmetics.

Calculate what amount of paint will be required to you. If you have long hair and you are not sure that one packing will be enough for you, just in case buy two.

Before the procedure of decolorization of hair it is necessary to check the painting means for possibility of allergic reaction. It is necessary in order that the nobility whether it is possible to apply you it on hair. For this purpose in one day prior to the procedure apply the decolouring substance on the small site of skin and in a few minutes look at result. You apply paint in special gloves not to do much harm to skin of hands. Prepare all tools, necessary for the procedure, - hairbrush with the thin end for office of locks, old towel, brush and bowl for paint, disposable gloves, the alarm clock, etc. Put on yourself unnecessary or old clothes which can be thrown out after the procedure. Lay newspapers on floor not to soil its drops of paint.

How to decolour hair in house conditions

Attentively study the instruction to means for decolorization. Carefully mix contents of bag of the liquid developer and the clarifying means as it should be specified in the instruction. As a result at you receive the mix reminding liquid cream. By means of brush begin to apply the decolouring mix from nape. In the beginning back part of the head is processed, after that you pass to the top and front side. Having distributed means on all length of hair, raise them to the top up and put on special hat if it is so specified in the instruction for application. Also do not forget to look in it, how much time you need to hold the decolouring structure on hair. It is desirable to put the alarm clock for the necessary time not to overdo mix. Raise hat periodically a little to look at hair color. It is necessary in order that they have not become colourless completely and did not remind then themselves straw. Having seen desirable shade, wash up hair with soft shampoo and the moistening conditioner. After that dry up hair naturally or phenom. Before decolouring hair in house conditions, think, how well you will be able to carry out such procedure. If are not really sure of the forces, it is better to address the professional master of beauty shop.

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