How to do manicure

How to do manicure

Manicure is rather important procedure. It is done by most of women. It gives to image of completeness, and does handles more attractive. Besides, manicure is necessary also in the hygienic purposes.

  • nail file, basis for varnish, varnish, fixer.

1. As the first step it is necessary to choose suitable files. If you possess healthy and strong nails, then can buy such tool of sapphire or sand types. If you cannot brag of strong marigold, then it is better to give preference to fine-grained file. Its form has to be semicircular with buffer zone. Such nail file will perfectly grind nail and also will not damage its structure.

2. Now we pass directly to podpilivaniye of nails. This procedure should be carried out only on dry nail plates. Otherwise they can begin to be stratified. Movements by file have to happen only in one direction. Better if it is from nail tip to its hole. The form of nail plate needs to be selected depending on its state and from shape of fingers.

3. Removal of cuticle has to become the following step. Ideally this procedure is made in not cut way. It is necessary just to apply special liquid on cuticle. Under the influence of this liquid the thin skin around nail will become soft. Also it will grow much more slowly. Then by means of stick from rubber it is necessary to shift cuticle back.

4. Putting varnish will become the last action. That color was deep and equal, it is necessary to apply varnish basis. It is necessary to impose the main varnish on basis three accurate sure dabs. The first dab becomes in the middle, and the second two - on each side. Also the second layer is in the same way put. Color of varnish is selected depending on skin shade and also from shape of nails. If skin has yellowish shade, warm colors best of all will approach. If nails long also have the almond-shaped form, they will suit any intensive shades.

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