How to make good manicure

How to make good manicure

Hands and nails are present "business card" of the woman. Even the most refined make-up and expensive suit will not create image of the well-groomed lady if on fingers treacherous agnails are visible, and varnish has peeled off. Therefore the ability to independently make good manicure so important in life, is not always opportunity in due time to visit beauty shop.

It is required to you

  • - manicure set;
  • - cuticle scissors;
  • - clean towel;
  • - hot water;
  • - nail varnish;
  • - solution for varnish removal.


1. First of all prepare all necessary: manicure set (file, tweezers, special rake or wooden stick for processing of cuticle), warm water, clean towel, nail varnish and liquid for varnish removal. Try to be engaged always in nails at good lighting. If the daylight does not suffice, include bright lamp. It is the best of all if light is ceiling and uniform.

2. Lower hands in warm water and take them there until skin steams out. Pay attention that water has to be rather hotter, but should not burn or cause unpleasant feelings. For bath it is possible to add a little sea salt to water or glycerin teaspoon. It will make skin on hands smooth and elastic, and nail plates stronger.

3. Wipe the steamed-out hands dry towel and you pass to podpilivaniye of nails. But previously attentively examine skin about nail holes. If you notice agnails, accurately shear them special triangular tweezers. Try not to pull at the same time the lifted-up skin pieces not to create additional wounds.

4. Depending on condition of nails choose files with different surface. If nails strong and firm, approach files with sand or sapphire covering. For the fragile, weakened nails better choose nail files with fine-grained grinding covering. Select form and length of nails according to the taste. You can give to nails almost direct cut or make them oval. Have only in mind that too long nails easily break and are inconvenient during the work as hands.

5. Before processing cuticle, at first grease it with several drops of oil or special liquid for removal. Then, when it will enough be softened, remove with wooden stick or remove thin skin to the nail basis. Grind the prepared nails the polishing nail file (nail buffer). If you are not going to apply varnish on nails, manicure on it can be considered finished. Just grease hands with nutritious cream and properly massage them.

6. If you intend to paint nails, remove residues of cream and carefully wipe hands napkin. Degrease nails liquid for removal of varnish and dry up them. Never you apply varnish on moist nails, otherwise it will keep extremely badly. Nails begin to be painted with little finger. At the same time at first the wide strip of varnish in the middle of nail plate is put, then sides are painted over. If you want to put two varnish coats that its color has been more expressed, previously let's dry out to the first layer and only then you put following. Otherwise varnish will lay down unevenly and on nails ugly strips will appear.

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