How to do plait from four

How to do plait from four

As it is correct to do plait, knows, probably, everyone. However sometimes there is a wish to bring variety the traditional hairstyle decorating the heads of beautiful girls already it is a lot of centuries. And it is possible to make it, even without buying huge number of accessories and hairpins and without resorting to services of stylists and hairdressers, and having just braided braid from four locks.


  1. Slightly wet hair and carefully comb them. Remember that braids especially well look on clean hair. If you dirtyhave head, it is better not to be limited to wetting of hair, and at first to wash the head of hear and to start creation of braid from four locks until she manages to dry up to the end.
  2. Carefully divide the combed hair into four equal locks. Use the second mirror to look whether really they correspond each other on thickness. Do not remove mirror far – it will help you with creation of accurate and tidy image and will save from need to unplait the hair: having noticed error, you will be able to correct it at once and to continue weaving.
  3. Begin to spin as usual, moving from right to left. The first lock run the right hand over the second. The left hand take the third lock and put it over the second and first, respectively (that is the second movement happens to the left side).
  4. Collect the fourth lock in hand and miss it under very first. Continue weaving: on the following step throw the second lock through the third, and the fourth – through the second. Take the first lock and get it under the second, and the third part carry out over the fourth.
  5. Carry out the first lock over the third, and under the third miss the second. Continue to carry out further process in the same way until the braid does not reach length desirable to you.
  6. Ask relatives to help you if your hair are quite long. You will independently quickly be tired and the end will be insufficiently densely tightened. If you cannot entrust anybody this procedure, just ask to take intermediate result while you have a rest. Relax hands and make gymnastics for fingers before continuing.
  7. Do not do plait from four locks for the first time, gathering for important action: it will be difficult to you to calculate necessary time. For a start be just trained to carry out this hairstyle, without hurrying anywhere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team