How to dry up hair

How to dry up hair

It is better to dry hair in the natural way, but it is not always possible to dry up them without use of the hair dryer. For example, when it is necessary to make laying or there is not enough time. It is necessary to use correctly the hair dryer to keep hair healthy. And to know nuances of drying of hair by means of it which are given below.

It is required to you

  • Towel or hair dryer, styling sprays.


  1. Remember that at natural drying the moist hair are exposed to damages. It is not necessary to rub them dry towel. Just blot hair and remove surplus of moisture. And then fluff up them fingers. This way suits people with short and curly hair and also about idle time in laying by hairstyle.
  2. Take the hair dryer, but before it be convinced that from hair water does not drip. Blot them with towel. The hair dryer you keep at arm's length 15 cm from hair and evenly move it around the head. Bend and dry the hair which are hanging down down. Drying should be finished when hair slightly damp.
  3. To make hair wavy, it is necessary to dry them towel. Apply small amount of mousse on roots. Bend forward and comb hair fingers from roots. Continue so far they will not become slightly damp, directing to palms tips of hair to the top. These movements you will create natural curls.
  4. Vydlina "during sleep". For this purpose comb wet hair and wrap them towel. Make laying, by means of various means in the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team