As it is more useful to dry hair: hair dryer or in the natural way

As it is more useful to dry hair: hair dryer or in the natural way

Many modern women do not represent the life without hair dryer. This useful device allows to dry up quickly hair and to lay them in hairstyle. Nevertheless, the natural method of drying of hair is considered much safer.

Advantages of drying of hair in the natural way

After washing of the head the hair need to be dried up. It is possible to make very quickly it by means of the hair dryer, but, unfortunately, the hair dryer injures hair. For this reason experts advise to dry them in the natural way when it is possible.

If the woman does not hurry anywhere and she has opportunity without hurrying to dry up the head and to do hair, then it should arrive thus. From frequent use of the hair dryer the hair become brittle, begin to drop out. Certainly, it is very convenient in use, but at the same time you should not forget about that, its frequent application is how harmful.

When drying hair naturally it is necessary to blot them with towel very accurately in the beginning. Moist hair are very susceptible to different influences. Not to do them harm, hair need to be dried at first slightly, and already then to comb. For combing of slightly moist hair it is possible to use hairbrush with rare teeths.

Impact of the hair dryer on hair

In spite of the fact that use of the hair dryer harms hair, many women it is simple not in forces to refuse it. Experts consider that it is possible to use the hair dryer, but it should not log in. It is possible to dry hair thus only when it is necessary to make it very quickly and also before important actions, issues, the code there is a wish to look very effectively. To minimize harm from the hair dryer, it is necessary to use the most suitable model. Household use does not require the hair dryer of high power. It is rather expensive, consumes a lot of electric power and very negatively influences hair. It is better to choose hair dryers with average or low power. It is necessary to dry hair cold or slightly warm air. Hot air flow it is better to refuse fast drying as it very strongly injures hair. It is desirable to spend a little more time for laying, but at the same time not to do much harm to own head of hear. Before drying the head warm air flow, it is possible to apply special skin or the gel protecting them from influence of the increased temperature on hair. During drying phenom it is necessary to hold it so that the air flow has been directed from roots of hair to their tips. It allows to close scales of hair therefore their structure remains, and the hairstyle looks smooth and well-groomed. The hair dryer it is necessary to keep at arm's length not less than 20 centimeters from the head. Closer contact of hair with air flow harms them, doing them fragile. Observance of all above-mentioned rules allows to minimize risk from use of the hair dryer.

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