How to dye hair peroxide

How to dye hair peroxide

In life of each woman there comes the period when there is a wish for changes. Most often the woman wishes to become the owner of fair hair. (Perhydrols) which can be bought in drugstore can clarify hair hydroperity. There is way of clarification without use of hair-dye.


  1. Cover shoulders with old towel not to spoil clothes. Grease skin on border of hair with fat cream that there was no irritation. Do not wash hair before clarification, so you maintain natural protection of head skin. Use gloves.
  2. Prepare structure from 30% pergidrolya, 3% of liquid ammonia, and liquid soap. Liquid soap is added for reduction of spraying and prevention of running off of structure. Do not use shampoos, they can slow down clarification process. Train structure in nonmetallic ware. Hair of average length require from 50 to 70 milliliters of mix. Calculate concentration of peroxide if at you the thick, badly moistened hair, prepare 6-12% peroxide solution if thin, then 4-8%. On 50 - 70 milliliters of mix add sal ammoniac in number of 5-7 drops. Use structure right after preparation. Example of structure for normal hair: 40 g of the hydroperit, 30 ml of water, 20 g of liquid toilet soap and 5 g of bicarbonate ammonium.
  3. Comb hair crest, and divide them into zones for the best coloring.
  4. You apply structure on hair with flat brush. Begin with nape. Recede from roots of hair on several centimeters if you have unpainted hair and begin with roots if you need to level color. So more natural color will turn out.
  5. After causing structure, comb hair to the top.
  6. After hair have begun to become colourless (5-10 minutes) apply structure on roots in the same sequence. Do everything quickly that the identical tone of color on all length has turned out.
  7. Take structure of 20 - 30 minutes. Do not cover the head, there will be differently strong warming up, and you can burn head skin and hair.
  8. Carefully wash away structure with soap and rinse slightly acidified water solution. For acidulation use citric or acetic acid.
  9. Comb hair nonmetallic hairbrush very carefully as now they are very sensitive.
  10. After washing it is possible to rinse hair parsley broth (the root crop is used), for giving to hair of natural ashy shade. For preparation of broth you cook in water liter within twenty minutes two big root crops.
  11. Paint dark hair in stages with break for week, they badly give in to clarification. Owners of red hair or women whose hair are painted in reddish colors have problems with clarification. At them shades of orange color turn out.
  12. Remember that clarification by peroxide is unsafe for health of head skin and hair. In hair under the influence of peroxide, emptiness instead of the destroyed pigment are formed. Hair become porous, dry, fragile and vulnerable for action of the nature – the sun, wind, water. Modern technologies of beauty offer the dyes and means sparing for structure of hair which are applied on hair before painting. Besides, there are absolutely safe ways of clarification of hair ancient folk remedies, by means of honey, herbs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team