How to gain suntan

How to gain suntan

, equal and beautiful suntan is capable to decorate women's skin at all seasons of the year. Suntan is associated with health, sport, rest. Besides, ultraviolet rays are capable to dry heat-spots, to make skin equal and smooth. They stimulate work of the immune system, and, so I increase the resilience of human body to any infections and diseases.


  1. It is the simplest to gain beautiful suntan in the flying, on sunny day from the next reservoir. Of course, you will need several sessions. It is not necessary to force process, trying to receive the maximum portion of ultraviolet in one day – it will lead only to appearance of solar burns and spots which will not decorate you. Gradually increasing stay time for the sun from 15-20 minutes till 1-2 o'clock in day, in week you will get necessary degree of suntan. It is necessary to sunbathe at the same time in morning and evening hours. Use special creams which will soften skin and will protect it from obgoraniye.
  2. In cold season you will be come to the rescue by sunbeds. Here the moderation has to become your rule – it is not necessary to roast also in the winter itself till dark carrot color. It is enough to hold 3-4 sessions in a row every other day on 15 minutes, and then to maintain suntanned tone of your skin, visiting sunbed 2-4 times a month.
  3. It is almost instantly possible to gain suntan by means of autosuntan or the bronzot which represents organic compound – monosaccharide and is absolutely harmless to skin. These means are issued in the form of lotions, gels, creams, fluids, they can be sprayed as spray. You can apply it in salon and even in house conditions. However, to be shown on your body completely, autosuntan will need several hours.
  4. If your purpose – suntanned skin, then adhere to healthy nutrition which will help you to keep beautiful shade long. You in diet have to have products containing beta carotene. Carrots, melon, watermelon, apricots, red pepper, pears and apples are rich with it. Production of melanin – the pigment which is making up skin, amino acid stimulates tyrosine. It contains in liver and red meat, fish, avocado, almonds, haricot. Drink mineral additives the containing vitamins E and With, selenium and lycopene.

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