How to get rid of greasy luster on face

How to get rid of greasy luster on face

Many of us quite often face such problem as greasy luster on face. It concerns both men, and women. Someone knows how to deal with this problem, someone has no sufficient knowledge in this area and wants to know how to solve it.


1. Look after the person that's right!. Use special means. Do not wash hot water. Women should pay attention to skin for washing, to men to soap or lotion. Their pH has to be neutral.

2. Pay always attention to skin care products of the person which you get. They have to be skin especially for your problem type. Buy the matting lotions or cream. They regulate release of skin fat therefore the greasy luster on face is almost imperceptible.

3. Give preference to easy srubs, but not strongly peeling. You" do not "press" pimples. Srubs will make everything for you – and will save from black dots, and will protect from acne rash. Use srub not more often than once a week. Wash grass infusions. Draw train, camomile or calendula. It is possible to make ice of grasses, and since morning to wipe with this ice face.

4. Women who use foundations or powders should make choice for light textures. Such cream allows skin to breathe, does not clog up pores, eliminates greasy luster and improves appearance.

5. Do masks which help to get rid of greasy luster on face.1. Take cucumber and grate it. Mix it with the beaten egg white. Put mask for twenty minutes, relax, then wash away cool water.2. Mix the beaten egg white with lemon dried peel. Put for ten minutes. Wash away cool water.3. Put the fat-free kefir on face. It narrows time and perfectly matts.

6. Pay attention to the diet. If in it spicy, salty, fried, smoked food prevails, then it is quite possible that the greasy luster on face accompanies you because you consume in food. Limit yourself. Take for the rule there are as much as possible vegetables and fruit, it is as much as possible sour-milk products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team