How to get rid of pimples after shaving

How to get rid of pimples after shaving

Shaving represents process which irritates the skin and causes appearance of pimples in many. Most of all men who should shave area of the person suffer. Women face irritation when shaving zone of bikini, legs and armpits. As to get rid of pimples which cause unpleasant feelings and the naggers after shaving?

It is required to you

  • - plantain;
  • - aloe;
  • - cucumber;
  • - bactericidal shaving foam;
  • - infusion of aloe or camomile;
  • - calendula flowers.


1. First, it is worth replacing the disposable razor with the better machine with several edges and the softening aloe strip. Pick up bactericidal foam (or foam with silicone content) which perfectly copes with different rashes on skin and gives the chance well to slide, it will help to lower irritation. Refuse foams which part triclosan is. After shaving use means with the content of infusion of camomile or aloe.

2. Before shaving prepare skin. For this purpose take shower that as it is possible to steam out and humidify the field of shaving better. Apply with even layer foam and leave it for couple of minutes that she has managed to work, it contains moisturizing components which soften hair for the best shaving. After each movement rinse the razor under boiled water stream, this action you will not allow bacteria to pass from one site of skin to another. The hot machine slides much better. Then rinse face with cool water to close time.

3. Prepare compress from calendula broth. For this purpose pour half of liter of water in the enameled pan and put on fire. After boiling add two-three tablespoons of the crushed flowers of calendula and you boil fifteen minutes on weak fire. Insist within thirty minutes, filter. Moisten gauze napkin in the prepared warm broth and apply to the place of irritation on ten minutes. You store infusion in the fridge within three days, before application warm up.

4. Daily wipe face with fresh juice of plantain (previously well wash up leaves with soap). It provides anti-inflammatory action, accelerates skin regeneration processes, possesses tannins. It is also possible to apply the aloe juice mixed in half with cucumber juice. Wipe the cleaned face with the prepared lotion several times a day. Refrain some time from shaving.

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