How to get rid of pimples in three days

How to get rid of pimples in three days

In the western countries the great value is attached to prevention of acne rash as soon as the teenager has first pimples, they begin to be treated at once. If at the first signs to take measures, then further rashes will not appear. In fact, pimples are the inflammation of channel of sebaceous gland arising owing to set of factors. The basic reason is excessive production of skin fat.

It is required to you

  • - calendula tincture;
  • - lotion;
  • - cotton tampons;
  • - ice.


1. Against the background of hormonal fluctuations at teenage age there is physiological strengthening of production of fat. Practically always such rashes disappear over time therefore they are called teenage. To get rid of pimples in 3 days not so easily as problem not always local character.

2. At mature age there are also moments when rashes suddenly appear and usually it occurs in the most improper time. To get rid of pimples in three days, it is necessary to adjust competent skin care. For this purpose any special receptions are not necessary. Purify skin 2 times a day, humidify. For each type of skin different ways of leaving are required therefore face pack and cream choose taking into account skin type. In three days it is possible to remove successfully inflammations, hypostases and to remove pimples.

3. Begin with the correct clarification of skin, frequent washing does not save from acne rashes, the chlorinated water and soap strengthen releases of skin fat and also provoke still big rashes. Twice a day purify the inflamed skin with lotion with anti-inflammatory effect. Small eels often appear because of use of cosmetics which part sulfur and lanolin is. These substances create favorable conditions for obstruction of time and provoke appearance of new pimples. Therefore when choosing to cosmetics pay attention to structure.

4. It is impossible to squeeze out pimples as thus, the integument is injured especially as not each person before carrying out some manipulation on face, washes hands and wipes with lotion skin

5. Within 3 days every morning wipe face with ice cube with camomile broth, but only after clarification. Do not forget to wrap ice in clean napkin not to freeze skin blanket. Wipe with fast movements, without pressing and without lingering on one site.

6. In the first and third day make purification of leather with coffee srub. For this purpose make small amount of boiled water tablespoon of ground coffee, let's infuse 10 minutes. Then impose thick layer of srub on the purified skin, massage face with circular motions a little. Leave mask for 10 minutes, then wash away warm water.

7. You apply on the inflamed pimples with cotton tampon calendula tincture several times a day within all three days. She will remove inflammations, and pimples will quickly disappear.

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