How to get rid of pimples quickly

How to get rid of pimples quickly

If ahead the important and concerning event, and your person, as ill luck would have it, is far from ideal, on it there are a lot of inflammations and imperfections, then you need to activate forces in order that to get rid of them. Fortunately, to make it simply, however it is necessary to show enough sequence and persistence. We begin!


1. First, you should be tuned also into internal clarification, and especially if you need to get rid of pimples for a short time. Therefore you need to use a lot of liquid, both water, and green tea which, by the way, is not only fine natural antibiotic, but also possesses the unique enzymes improving digestion. Green tea quickly removes toxins and improves complexion - so drink in day at least several cups! Also on an empty stomach it is possible to drink glass of warm tea with camomile - it perfectly cleans organism and, as a result, skin. Refuse sweet and fried, eat many fruit and vegetables after the minimum thermal treatment, and your organism will be cleaned for very short time.

2. To dry local inflammations, there is set of ways and means. For example, tea tree oil perfectly helps, it considerably and quickly reduces the amount of inflammation, possesses tremendous antimicrobic action and heals wounds. You apply tea tree oil pointwise, it is possible in combination with absolutely small amount of oil basis (for example, apricot). Also prepare and you carry in handbag solution from salicylic acid and one tablet of levomitsitin - means has proved it as the assistant in fight against pointed inflammations long ago.

3. If on your face there are a lot of various imperfections, and you want to make complex and effective impact, then do not hurry to smear all person with above-mentioned SOS means as skin can just be burned and aggravated situation even more. Try to make pair of drying masks. Let's take, for example, mask from clay - she is capable both to reduce local inflammations, and to improve condition of skin in general, to level its color and to save from excess skin fat. To enhance efficiency of masks from clay, drip in slightly warmed up fresh clay gruel two-three of drops of oil of tea tree already familiar to us - and after several sessions which can be repeated every other day, you will notice considerable improvements.

4. Similar effect also masks from zinc oxide ointment which it is possible Knight in drugstore have. Zinc perfectly reduces inflammations and dries gnoynichka and pimples, and to do such mask as easy as shelling pears - just apply it on areas of inflammations and leave approximately for 15-20 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team