Rules of the game in darts

Rules of the game in darts

For the people wishing to take the free time with the interesting and fascinating hobby there is the set of the various games which aren't demanding special physical data - for example, poker, billiards, bowling. If you got used to hit precisely the bull's eye, it is time to study rules of other fascinating game — darts.

Darts: history of emergence

It is considered that the ancient games connected with throwing of copies were the ancestor of darts. Later to someone the idea the spear came to truncate, and everything the known dart as a result turned out.

For the first time the word "dart" was mentioned in the dictionary in 1530. However data on for what it was used, no. Most likely, it was means of defense.

The first darts were made from the tree, their length didn't exceed four inches, they had chetyrekhkryly plumage and the needle on the opposite end.

There are French posters of the beginning of the eighteenth century on which two cherubs throwing darts into the target are represented. It follows from this that darts is not less than two hundred years old.

Darts: rules of the game

Rules of the game in darts have features concerning the size of the target, darts and counting of points.

At the professional level the players have to choose the darts which aren't exceeding fifty grams on weight. Fans for a start can buy darts heavier.

The target shouldn't exceed in the diameter of forty five centimeters. It is divided into twenty sectors which define quantity of the kicked-out points. The middle of the target is called "apple", hit in it earns for the player fifty points. The following area painted by tradition in green color — twenty five points. There are still areas of "doubling" and "trebling", this internal and external narrow ring respectively (they are painted in red-green colors). The dart which didn't linger on the target doesn't earn for the player points as well as got for the external narrow ring. Usually each player metat three darts for the course, the turn of the opponent comes then. The maximum quantity of the points gathered for one course — hundred eighty (three hits in the ring of trebling of the twentieth sector). The doubling ring sometimes call "double", and trebling — "требл".

Game options in darts

There are several options how to play darts therefore "to fans to hit the bull's eye" is what to choose from. 301/501 - in this option of the game by rules the score begins with three hundred one points. Then the points received by players are subtracted. The game comes to an end with zeroing of the score, at the same time it is necessary to strike with the last diving "double" or "apple". The round - in this version it is necessary to get serially to sectors from the first to the twentieth, and later to "doubling" and "требл" the twentieth sector, and to finish the game hit in "apple". If the player strikes with three divings consecutive sectors, he continues the game by three more darts. The winner is throwing which the first struck "apple". Thousand - throwing by rules start from scratch points, everyone does three attempts of hit in "apple" or green area (that is fifty or twenty five points). Other sectors aren't set off. The player who the first will score one thousand points is considered the winner. There are also other variations of darts — it was necessary only to buy the game, to hang up it on the wall and it is more interesting to choose option to initiate the competition to the friends.

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