How to expand consciousness: we study ways

How to expand consciousness: we study ways

Consciousness expansion – often used phrase, but not always we understand, what is it. As speak in the people, live and learn. But the doctrine, acquisition of new knowledge is not absolutely the fact that means consciousness expansion, it is rather even on the contrary, our mind, what is called рацио, sometimes prevents us to understand the world around and to realize itself as its part.

It does not mean at all that knowledge is harmful, just for achievement of a condition of their harmony it is not enough. A sound mind in a sound body. So the Soviet doctrine which main goal was to force citizens of the country said to go a system. East wise men adhere to opposite approach: sound mind defines a sound body and does our life harmonious.

Spirit, spirituality, consciousness is what distinguishes a being reasonable from other objects of wildlife. And though it is proved today that the theory about use by the person only of 10% of the brain is no more than the myth, nobody measured limits of our consciousness including ourselves.

If you are the owner of the excellent sports car, unless you do not want to use all its opportunities and to really enjoy feeling of speed, wind, freedom? Expanding the consciousness, we open new doors, we learn new feelings, we learn to understand the events which are taking place around us, we learn the world and people and as a result we become more interesting.

Alcohol and drugs only create illusion of the new horizons, actually with their help we do not develop, and we degrade. Our consciousness is the sea of novel opportunities, and just as the sound trained body cannot be received, having taken a medicine, any technicians of expansion of consciousness assume serious work. But it is fascinating and fascinating work!


Usually understand the movement on a way to the spiritual purpose as spirituality which is one of ways of expansion of consciousness. It can be nirvana, rescue, comprehension of the truth, but, in fact – self-improvement, achievement of the highest point of spiritual development. For overcoming this way various techniques and technologies are used, various breathing exercises, meditation, prayers, auto-suggestion (affirmation) concern them, for example.

The danger is, however, that, perceiving similar techniques as primitive exercises for every day, the person will hardly achieve some success on the way to consciousness expansion. It is impossible to seize art of karate, studying only technology of blows, blocks and observing external surroundings (a kimono, mutual greetings in unclear language accompanied with unclear movements).

Any east martial art is first of all the Way, a way of life, self-improvement, search of harmony with the nature. Also with spirituality. There is no sense to be engaged in them without system approach, without understanding of final point of the made actions, without statement of the Purpose and understanding of how any given exercises will allow to approach it.

Respiratory technicians

In east philosophy it is considered that breath is our communication with the Universe therefore, having learned correctly them to use, we reach harmonious coexistence with the Nature. From the physiological point of view, mastering the respiratory equipment allows to operate completely the body, all its bodies and systems, including brain activity, directly depend on a respiratory rhythm. On it, saying simply, all yoga is based.

Important! There is an opinion that various respiratory the technician does development the person by the full owner of the organism. Breath is weapon which can be brought down literally on any illness which lodged in us and to destroy it with one blow.

Mastering such technicians – the whole science about which not one treatise is written. But to learn it can breathe correctly to everyone. For example, the few know that breath is three types – top, average and belly. In usual life we usually use top which actually as east science claims, does not oxygenate our bodies fully. Moreover, spending the maximum quantity of energy for breath, we gain the minimum effect.

Average breath joins when we experience some physical activities. If in the first case we work edges and shoulders, and air gets only into the top part of lungs, in this case the press partially joins, and lungs are filled with air half.

Deep belly breath works for most of people only in a condition of a dream. Meanwhile, physical health demands such form of breath when the diaphragm is involved. Being reduced, it presses on a stomach, it is stuck out, from here and the name of breath – belly. So the athletes, workers of agricultural work and other people who are differing in good health or often being in the fresh air breathe.

So, we learn to breathe a stomach. We lay down on a back in a pose of the dead: hands are divorced in the parties at an acute angle to a trunk, legs at shoulder length, all muscles are relaxed. It is a shavasana. We exhale all air from lungs. Now we begin a breath so that the stomach rose up.

In process of continuation of a breath you have to feel how edges and a thorax also extend begins to rise (it is average breath) and, at last, the air filling lungs reaches the clavicles. All this has to pass as uniform process, imagine the deep and strong ocean wave covering the coast.

Important! The breath needs to be stopped on that note when there is a feeling that it would be possible to involve in itself a little more air. It is the main philosophy of the correct breath, just as the healthy nutrition means that because of a table a little hungry need to rise.

Now – the next stage: exhalation. We fade for an instant on the highest point and we begin to let out the air. At first we release press muscles, the breast at the same time remains in the raised situation. Only when the stomach falls, the thorax falls. And in conclusion – we push out residues of air at the expense of a press, very easy movement again as a wave of a wing of a butterfly. Again a pause – and again a breath.

Such breath, perhaps, will also not cure you of all illnesses, for this purpose it is necessary to be born and live all life somewhere in Tibet, but to distract from all vain and to focus on own body and the processes proceeding in it which are a part of the life in the Universe you if you want, will be able.


Trying to expand the consciousness, it is very important to pull out itself from daily cares, to disconnect reason. In yoga this stage is way of an entrance to concentration for what it is offered to concentrate all the attention and thoughts on own heart or on some point over the head. It does not mean what needs to be looked continuously in one point, that is to consider it.

It is important that the look was directed to something, but did not wander in different objects. Our purpose is to make the same with our thoughts. When thoughts jump from one problem on another about any self-improvement of the speech cannot go. The attention dissipates, energy weakens. It is considered that if the person manages to record the attention in one point, his consciousness is also counterbalanced.

If to combine concentration with breathing exercises, it is possible to concentrate attention on the correct breath, listening how the organism – very conveniently as thoughts of the Universe or of Eternity which are sometimes offered for the normal person are too abstract reacts to it.

Read also about that how to focus on work, to hold self-checking and to learn to control the emotions.

Trying to concentrate on something similar, you, most likely, will not notice how you will begin to think of what wall-paper it is better to paste at itself in the nursery. Well, or something like that.

There is more. Be not upset if at first everything occurs quite so. Concentration and meditation – not the simplest things, especially in the modern world full of vanity and everything that antithetically to self-scrutiny. Having caught itself on a foreign thought, just quietly come back to an initial point. It – is also expansion of limits of the consciousness.


Meditation, in the broadest sense is nothing but quiet and the concentrated reflection about a miscellaneous. Of course, not daily cares, and something more global mean. However, reflection – not the quite suitable term, is not so much about a stream of thoughts how many about achievement of a condition of their absence, bezmysliya.

Techniques of meditation there is a set, it is important to capture an essense: having concentrated on something in itself, we become a part of the Universe, but not the person in the concrete room with concrete plans for evening, unpaid room accounts and the sick mother-in-law.

Important! Numerous medical researches convincingly proved that meditation is very useful to our organism even if it is about its most primitive forms: as a result of such exercises, exchange processes improve, breath and warm activity is restored.

As it was already mentioned above, to get off a mind very difficult (try not to think of a pink monkey). Therefore the following cunning is offered to beginners: do not abuse yourself for foreign thoughts, and just fix them. So, we directed the attention in ourselves, we listen to own breath, we feel in ourselves.

- And what I will prepare for lunch tomorrow? - Empty thought. Full relaxation.

- It is necessary not to forget to listen to a weather forecast! - Empty thought. Full relaxation.

- Something thoughts do not come to mind! - Silence. Full relaxation.

Well, and so on.

Other technique. Try to present the I, hidden somewhere inside. Choose for it the place more suitable from your point of view, and mentally illuminate it a ray of light, allow it to begin to grow, filling at first all your interiors, then coming to light, filling the room, the apartment, the city, the country, the Universe.

You do not hurry, in detail imagine spaces which as fog, envelops yours I, experience its infinity. And now gradually return yourself in own body. The pose, the place, time of day and other conventions, of course, are important for successful meditation, but not defining.

The main condition is in you, in your consciousness. That you on the right track, emergence of more and more accurate feeling of internal silence, rest and ease will demonstrate. As a result of development of the technology of meditation the rage, empty irritation, envy to the neighbor and the other unpleasant feelings destroying yours I will begin to leave your life. Their place will be taken by creativity, bliss, wisdom.


Affirmation – the clever word meaning an auto-suggestion form at which the short simple phrase repeated constantly and repeatedly, kind of takes real shape, becoming a part of subconsciousness and realized in it. You remember: I am the most charming and attractive, all men it is crazy about me …? It is an affirmation!

The phrases chosen for an affirmation can be directed to achievement of some quite pragmatic purpose (to marry, promote, grow rich), but we are interested in something other. Examples of affirmation:

  • I am a part of the Universe.
  • I am a source of space energy.
  • I can operate the life (emotions, a body).
  • I am improved.
  • I feel the joy that I live.
  • I trust in the forces.
  • I love myself.
  • I am always healthy.
  • All whom I meet are sent me from above for something good.

Such formulas it is possible to think up a set, but there are certain conditions under which they will work. First of all, they have to be:

  • personal, that is to contain a pronoun I in any cases and variations (your task – to change itself, but not someone another);
  • positive;
  • short and accurate.

Important! It is impossible to use negative particles and in general denials in formulation of affirmation: our subconsciousness perceives them as a negative and blocks. If you speak to yourself I am not afraid of spiders, the result will be opposite. Better to say: I love spiders, I like spiders.

In order that affirmation worked, it is necessary to force subconsciousness to believe in them. As it is paradoxical, it is reached by means of the same affirmation. The first to what it is necessary to accustom – to believe the inner self in himself. I know what I speak about. I always try to obtain the. Use as the beginning of self-improvement a similar phrase – and successful auto-training.


At once we will make a reservation, this way of spirituality suits not all. On belief of the author, the religiousness is not an indispensable condition for consciousness expansion, and atheism – not sign of limitation. On the other hand, observance of ceremonies, refusal of meat during a post and visits of church on holidays has nothing in common with belief, and the prayer as a way to self-improvement assumes true belief, otherwise it gives opposite effect.

What can be more disgusting than the thief and the bastard building temples and privselyudno beating off bows before an iconostasis? When members of the Politburo are christened in churches, go to Mecca on a hajj is not spiritual clarification, but a craze. It is not our way.

The prayer will also help to improve your morning and to clean a karma.

But for those who really trust the prayer is very effective way of recovery of internal balance. In fact, it is the same affirmation, but it is a little in other look. Pronouncing certain words, we make a certain inquiry to the highest, in terms of our consciousness, force, thereby influencing everything parts of – a body, mentality and power.

But governed concerning a prayer the same that in meditations – any hack-work, all attention, all forces has to be enclosed in a verbal form. From the psychological point of view it is very important here that words are pronounced not the, and the strangers learned. That is we do not distract, not rassosredotachivay the attention on something momentary, today's, we communicate good luck (and our consciousness – and is God) in the form cleaned from any impurity (filth).

Technology of self-improvement

Expansion of consciousness can be carried out at the different levels, not only especially spiritual, applying various practical techniques. The main thing – not to allow soul to be lazy and in what way you will force it to work – in fact, not so important. Daily occurrence and a routine – the main enemies of our consciousness, and the most effective way to develop itself – receiving new impressions. And the they will be more various, the better.

Important! It is impossible to take away two things from the person: what he saw and what he ate. Having expanded the consciousness at the expense of new impressions, you will never return it to an initial state.

Puzzles and crossword puzzles

One person told that the correct decision is as correctly collected puzzle: it seems, this fragment too of golubenkiya, as well as the sky which we put and even as if it it is possible to push here, but if actually it not so, the overall picture never is built.

By the same principle our life is arranged: when we choose a right way, we solve not only an objective, but also some other, auxiliary, the wrong decision, fixing a problem, as a rule, creates others, sometimes in addition more unpleasant.

Puzzles of varying complexity, logical problems, chess – a great way of a training of mind. As a rule, they develop ability to find uncommon way out of situations, expanding limits of usual standard thinking.

Solving of crossword puzzles, strictly speaking, to a lesser extent expands consciousness, however being engaged in such pastime, we broaden the horizons and a lexicon, we train memory and logical thinking (without knowing the exact answer to the question posed, we guess what it is about, proceeding from arrangement of the guessed letters and their total).

At the same time if it is about the crossword puzzle printed in the serious scientific publication, but not in the rag of poor quality, process of its solving can turn into fascinating quest. Looking for a proper word, the person sometimes is forced to study the mass of literature, to learn a lot of new and even to change the life, having opened in itself the novel horizons.

And feeling of pride of and self-updating from the solved task – an important step in knowledge own I.

Creativity and hobby

Not creative people are not, just creativity happens a miscellaneous. The person who did not find himself in anything except work (care of the house, children, parents) cannot be really happy. Constancy – sign of limitation. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to register in a heap of circles and sections, but also to be obsessed with daily monotonous affairs that is called is destructive for a body and burdensome as a hobby.

Doing favorite thing, whether it be gardening, needlework, cookery, izucheniyeinostranny languages or winding of the transformer a multicore wire, we perfectly calm the nervous system, we leave a condition of a stress and if you want, we meditate. And if the result meets expectation or, say, begins to bring income is the same self-updating, useful to consciousness.

It is separately good if hobbies are connected with active holiday – fishing, sport, bicycle or foot walks. In this case we at the same time train and I smother also a body, and it is twice useful.

In hobbies and creativity there are no rules, except, perhaps, one – it should not do harm or create danger to other people.

Change of a hand

One more way to expand consciousness is to break the settled daily habits, to go beyond the acquired skills:

  • Try to speak the familiar words back to front.
  • Draw the simple picture as if have to show it to the person sitting opposite to you without overturning – upside down.
  • Read a morning paper, having turned it in the same way.
  • Execute usual routine things the left hand if you the right-handed person, and right if the lefthander.

Such, apparently, useless occupations, actually very strongly develop consciousness. For example, changing a hand, we begin to train the brain, harmoniously using its different hemispheres.

Thus, it is about change of a hand as about a way to expand internal reserves. Violent reeducation of the one who was born the lefthander – another story altogether.

Whether you know? In medieval Europe the levorukost was considered as sign of communication with the Satan. In Japan the husband had the right to dissolve a marriage if his wife was a lefthander. The suspiciousness and mistrust to such people were shown also by other people. Such relation demonstrates narrowness of public consciousness, rejection of everything that is beyond rules, according to lefthanders in the world no more than 15%.

Our task is to expand consciousness, but not to make effort over itself, the correct motivation plays a crucial role here.


Never thought why the Soviet people so liked to read? Because of some special spirituality and high intelligence? Well at all, Europeans not sillier also are not more primitive than us whoever that told. Just in the Soviet Union the reading was nearly the only available way of expansion of own consciousness, all others – travel, hobbies, free communication, access to information – were or are forbidden, or strongly limited.

Certainly, not any reading develops. The society column, yellow press, comments at various forums and in social networks will bring not enough benefit on the way to self-improvement. But also a statement about that, h

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team