How to get rid of stomach without exercises

How to get rid of stomach without exercises

It is possible to get rid of stomach without exercises and diets easily and with pleasure. Use of the given councils will help not only to get rid of extra kilos, but also considerably will change both work of organism, and your life. The result will affect appearance of stomach in week.


1. Do not use salt. It is extremely important point. Salt detains liquid in organism owing to what appear swell. Do not forget that salt in large number is present at store products - ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, sausages, semi-finished products, ready dishes. For weight loss just to any event strictly refuse salt for the conceived term. And for long-term symmetry plunge into the world of spices. It is so rich that your dishes will never be fresh. Find shop of spices in the city, try everything that you can and choose the favourites for further use.

2. Drink a lot of water. 8-10 glasses of clear water a day - guarantee of symmetry and health. Do not give in to general delusion about hypostases from water. On the contrary, when the organism is dehydrated, it very firmly detains for emergency residues of liquid owing to what puffiness of body and extra kilos appears. Drink water even without feeling thirst. Water regulates metabolism. By the way, enough liquid in organism very strongly reduces appetite that, you see, is useful for figure. Also timely clarification of organism by means of water prevents locks, gas generation, saves body from slags and toxins.

3. Say goodbye to big plates and sound portions. Use for meals, for example, tea saucers. Instead of 3 having a snack from big plates, eat 6 times a day from small plateaus. So you use the same quantity of food, however, the stomach will be absolutely small, and stomach flat. And you will give digestion valuable present. Do not forget to drink a lot of clear water at the same time.

4. Instead of 2 watch of VKontakte - foot or bicycle walk. Instead of carbonated drinks - water with lemon, fresh juice, favourite tea, fruit drink. Instead of harmful both for figure, and for chewing gum organism - the stomatologist, hygiene, the correct food and national methods to refresh breath. Trust in the forces. These simple actions will soon turn into remarkable habits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team