How to get rid of extensions on hands

How to get rid of extensions on hands

Extensions, or striya are the hems appearing on skin owing to sharp set of weight, hormonal problems during pregnancy. Most often striya arise on stomach, buttocks, breast and hands. First they look as red or violet strips which grow white over time. Extensions on hands are big esthetic problem since strongly limit the woman in the choice of summer clothes. How it is possible to get rid of extensions on hands?


1. Begin with massage course. The qualitative procedures saving from extensions not only on hands, but also on all body offer beauty shops. But if you are limited in means or in time, do massage independently, in house conditions. Honey massage is very effective. It improves metabolism in skin, promotes its updating, destroys fat layer, nourishes skin with microelements and vitamins. Before the massage session the skin on hands should be warmed by means of the pounding and pinching from time to time movements. Pour honey teaspoon on palm of the right hand, pound it on problem zone of the left hand and begin easy and fast pats. Drive in honey into skin until it completely is not absorbed. On hands there has to be white weight – wash away it cool clear water. Repeat the procedure for other hand. Pregnancy, allergy to honey, cuts, scratches and new growths on skin belong to contraindications for honey massage.

2. Use house srub from extensions. Mix glass of salt of average grinding, glass of granulated sugar and half-glass of vegetable oil, it is better – olive. After shower rub it in the skin of hands affected with striya. Massage of one zone should be done not less than three minutes. Such deep peeling stimulates renewal of cells of skin, production of collagen and elastin. At the expense of it extensions become thin and less noticeable. It is possible to carry out procedures with house srub 1-2 times a week. The procedure at skin diseases and injuries is contraindicated.

3. Take measures for improvement of condition of skin. Daily eat nutritional supplements with vitamins A, With and E. Pravilno eat. The diet surely has to include fat sea fish, vegetables, fruit and cereals. Rub to problem places oil with vitamin E which can be bought in drugstore. Daily moisturize the skin the creams containing Retinolum, fruit acids, cocoa butter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team