How to gather in stomach without operation

How to gather in stomach without operation

Unfortunately, many people face pot-belly problem, in particular women. Pregnancy, childbirth, feeding by breast, stresses – all this is reflected in their organism and appearance. Dreaming to gather in stomach, it is possible to take extreme measures, such as abdominoplastika or operation on liposuction, but it is that case about which speak - measure seven times, cut off one. There is set of other ways to gather in stomach without operation.

1. Play sports. For a start take for the rule of times a day to be engaged in physical exercises. It is not obligatory to do them on wear, but they have to be regular. There are several exercises with which you can begin:

2. Lay down on back, bend legs in knees and put hands for the head, having linked fingers in the lock. Being in such situation, lift the body up. At the same time elbows have to be divorced in the parties. Exercise needs to be done in 3 approaches on 25 times.

3. Remaining to lie on spin, put palms under buttocks and raise legs towards the body at right angle. You watch that legs were straight lines. Repeat 15-20 times.

4. Now it is possible to execute exercise similar to the first, but now you have to cross legs in knees, having formed right angle. Repeat 2 times on 25 inclinations.

5. Sit down on floor, put legs in Turkish, hands for the head. Incline trunk forward, try to approach floor as much as possible. It is possible to combine this exercise with inclinations to the left and to the right, in this case you will train side muscles of press and back.

6. Eat properly. Do not starve. You do not go on rigid and in particular fast diets – effect of them very short-term.

7. Arrange yourself fasting days and weeks, but at the same time do not forget about healthy nutrition. The main thing is more often, but in the small portions.

8. Refuse greasy food, sharp, salty, flour and sweet. It is difficult, but the beautiful flat tummy costs it.

9. Eat as much as possible vegetables, greens, fruit, porridges, fermented milk products.

10. Walk in the fresh air more often, oxygen will help to cope better with stress, during walk you will burn excess kilocalories. You can combine walks with warm-up, charging in the fresh air.

11. Do massage. During massage, blood disperses, the lymph inflows to the massed sites of skin and quicker drives subcutaneous fat in those places where it is necessary. Besides, massage movements promote improvement of work of GIT and normalize work of intestines that is paramount influences condition of organism in general.

12. Visit beauty shop. Beauty shops will provide you such services as wrapping, special massage exercises and other cosmetic procedures which will help you to gather in stomach.

13. Visit bath if it is not contraindicated to you. Thermal procedures for body are one of the main ways of fight against fat deposits. Having steamed out to comfortable to you temperatures, pound massage brush or rigid mitten those parts of the body which demand additional leaving.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team