How to get rid of upper lip hair

How to get rid of upper lip hair

Sometimes women are disturbed by problem of so-called ""mustache"", namely vegetation on upper lip. The reasons at it not the peculiar, in general, phenomenon for ladies can be a little: it both heredity, and hormonal failures, and even just ethnic predisposition. Actually this problem meets quite often, just that at the woman small short moustaches grow, sometimes it is difficult to guess as there is set of effective ways of fight against this phenomenon! So, how it is possible to get rid of upper lip hair?


1. Of course, if you have many other companion problems like the increased hairiness on other hours of body, irregular cycle, acne and eels, then you obviously should visit the endocrinologist and to pass tests for ratio of men's and women's hormones. In case of the found deviations, the doctor will just prescribe you drug treatment which will correct hormonal background, and hair will cease to grow by itself.

2. Upper lip hair it is impossible to shave for anything - the way is, of course, the simplest, and here consequences can be terrifying: hairs will become rough, rigid and can even darken! Grow they besides will be several times quicker.

3. And here hair removal cream - quite another matter. It kind of dissolves hair, and it is very easy to remove it special sponge or rake. Variations of hair removal creams now huge number, and you can find something even for the most sensitive and dry skin. Also special hair removing creams on face are on sale, however, if you do not find such - just buy usual hair removal cream for supersensitive skin, with the looking after components or oils.

4. If you are not afraid of slight pain - that you can use wax. It is on sale both in special thin strips, and in banks for independent warming up and preparation. What it is more convenient to you - to solve, of course. Ready strips are convenient that the amount of wax on them is ideal, and wax for independent preparation allows you to do strips of the suitable size. Wax tears out hair with root, and they do not grow rather long time - about several weeks.

5. To get rid of vegetation of navek, address to special salons - there will choose sessions of photo or laser epilation for you. Sessions can be a little, depending on degree of problem and the reasons of emergence of hair. So, if the reason is in hormonal imbalance, hair can appear again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team