How to grow hair in short terms

How to grow hair in short terms

Long and healthy hair which bewitch look - whether dream of it women? But that them to grow, time is necessary. On average the growth rate of hair - 1-1.5 cm a month, but it provided that all nutrients are enough for organism.

It is required to you

  • - shampoo;
  • - balm;
  • - salt;
  • - soda;
  • - mustard;
  • - burdock, castor oil;
  • - massage;
  • - vitamins and minerals;
  • - masks


  1. More often it is possible to meet on counters of shops of means with inscription ""stimulates growth of hair"", it belongs both to shampoos, and to balms. Various additives of natural or synthetic origin which nestle close in bulb of roots are part of these means and cause division of hair scales therefore growth accelerates.
  2. Oils also improve growth of hair. You apply burdock or castor oil to head skin and you hold peculiar mask about 30-60 minutes, it is possible and slightly longer. If you have damaged also tips of hair, then carry oil on all length. You carry out such procedure two times a week, and if desired every other day.
  3. Mass the head fingertips or the special massager. Also you can make the following procedure: take hands hair at the roots and clamp them between fingers, begin to pull slightly, but be careful. Such type of massage is contraindicated at hair loss.
  4. Improve growth and some nutritional supplements: mustard, salt or soda. But be careful, especially, if you have sensitive skin. Salt or soda need to be rubbed directly in skin, then to carefully wash out the head with any nutritious shampoo. Dry mustard can be added both to balm, and to shampoo. Mix pinch of dry mustard with any looking after means and carefully massage moist hair at roots after putting mix. Wash away warm water.
  5. Take the complex drugs of vitamins and minerals. If you have decided to drink calcium, limit intake of vitamins, otherwise allergic reactions are possible. Cod-liver oil which is on sale in drugstores in the form of capsules improves growth of hair. Accept it in compliance with the summary.
  6. If you want to accelerate as much as possible growth of hair, visit any salon of the city. There are professional masks which in the best way affect health of hair and their growth. But the procedure it is necessary to carry out at least two times a week, otherwise the effect will not follow, or it will be minimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team