How to keep beauty of oily hair

How to keep beauty of oily hair

When sebaceous glands work actively, head skin is very quickly soiled. The appearance of hair seriously suffers from it. The head of hear looks not well-groomed and dirty, becomes very unpleasant to the touch. The correct leaving will help to improve situation.

The reasons for the increased fat content

Oily hair is consequence of misoperation of sebaceous glands which develop excessively large amount of skin fat (on scientific sebuma). This problem has several reasons.

For example, active work of glands can be hereditary factor. Pay attention to hair of the immediate family and try to record, how fast the head of hear is soiled and loses attractive appearance. If the family differs in normal/dry hair, the problem can be acquired. As a rule, it occurs during puberty and is consequence of hormonal splashes.

Food has great influence on skin oiliness of the head. Excessive allocation of sebum can begin because of imbalance. The special negative impact is made by greasy, flour, smoked food.

One more reason of fat content of hair: wrong leaving. Strangely enough, daily washing can provoke active production of skin fat. It occurs because roots are overdried, and the organism tries to cope with problem by own forces. 

Also the fat content of hair can change in connection with weather conditions. For example, work of sebaceous glands can amplify because of heat. To cope with problem and to return to hair beauty it is possible independently. 

Cancellation of problem in house conditions

Daily washing of the head does not lead to anything good. Hair are only soiled, become more weakened, dry and fragile stronger. Experts recommend suit dressing down not more often than every two days.

Also the condition of hair depends on washing time. That hair were less fat, it is better to carry out the procedure in the morning. At night work of sebaceous glands accelerates therefore in the morning the head of hear which is washed up since evening can be stale again.

Try to use only means for oily hair. They regulate development of sebum, do integument clean. Also once a week it is possible to use deep cleansing shampoo.

Do not ignore the national recipes helping to reduce the fat content of hair. For example, make special water for rinsing. For dark hair use 1 tsp of vinegar on liter. For light – 2-3 bags of the camomile made in the same amount of liquid.

Preventive measures

Competent prevention will allow to keep purity of hair for longer time. First, try to comb hair less often: ideally no more than three times in day. At the same time the hairbrush needs to be washed up previously. This precautionary measure will not allow fat to soil from roots hair on all length.

Secondly, reconsider diet. To pacify work of sebaceous glands, include in it seafood, bean, bran, pumpkin oil, boiled meat. These products are rich with zinc and B6 vitamin.

Thirdly, periodically use special peeling for head skin. It will perfectly clean cover that will longer allow skin to remain clean and fresh.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team