How to look after nails and hands in house conditions

How to look after nails and hands in house conditions

Nails and hands of each woman demand permanent systematic care. Covering of nails it is delicious absolutely insufficiently that your hands looked attractive and attracted to themselves attention therefore try to look after regularly nails and hands in house conditions.


1. Every time, before exit to the street, you apply the moisturizing hand and nail cream on hands, it will protect your hands from harmful external effects. In cold weather surely put on gloves or mittens to protect hands from crusting. Any homework, whether it be washing of ware, floors or dust wiping, you see off in rubber economic gloves.

2. That your nails were strong, it is necessary to eat as often as possible cottage cheese, fermented milk products, vegetables, fruit (are especially useful citrus, rich with vitamin C), greens, fish, cauliflower and broccoli. Spend on drink course the polyvitamins rich with calcium.

3. As often as possible do special nail baths. Have very well proved oil baths. In superficial bowl to pour castor oil and to warm up on water bath. To lower nails in the warmed oil for several minutes until oil cools down. Such baths perfectly moistens nails and prevents them from fragility and also feeds nail plate with vitamins which, in turn, accelerate growth of nails.

4. Correctly look after skin around nails - cuticle. Humidify cuticle with special creams and remove it by means of manicure stick. Extremely accurately delete hangnails by means of tweezers for removal hangnail and cuticles.

5. If you like to paint often nails varnish, then do not forget that rest is necessary for nails. Remove varnish with liquid for removal of varnish without acetone. Try not to use varnishes of dark shades since from it the nail plate turns yellow and darkens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team