How to look after skin at the beginning of spring

How to look after skin at the beginning of spring

By the beginning of long-awaited spring skin, unlike the nature, seldom gets prettier. More likely, opposite, its problems become aggravated: dry skin dries even more, fat and normal reddens, is dehydrated and often becomes covered by heat-spots, and problem at all in literal sense dazzles with inflammations. For this reason in the spring skin requires special care.

Changes in the nature which come with spring for skin are continuous stress. Our organism with increase in light day is forced to put the biological clock. In this regard there is acceleration of exchange processes and activization of endocrine system. However not all our systems can synchronously to reconstruct and begin to work in concert, these failures also find reflection on skin.

For the help of own skin it is necessary to arrange himself peculiar "restart": to go on diet, to clean organism from slags, to include internal reserves by means of intake of vitamins or dietary supplements and also to add physical activities – every day to do fitness or to go at least one stop on foot. The important value has also leaving: at the beginning of spring, skin more than ever needs good food and moistening.

Treat traditional cosmetic problems of this time: the dry dehydrated skin, feeling of tightness, peeling, irritations and inflammations on face. Has reserved energy and vitamins B organism practically on outcome in the early spring therefore there are such troubles.

Problem skin

From winter cold of face pore have dragged on and under them surplus of skin fat has accumulated. With arrival of spring the sunshine strengthen work of sweat and sebaceous glands, from here on skin comedones develop. Such fate can comprehend even owners of dry skin. Not to suffer from roughnesses and acne, it is necessary to clean even more carefully face in the morning and before going to bed. It is necessary to refuse use of spirit tonics and the drying skins. You should not wash also tap water. At the beginning of spring leaving has to be the following: milk for washing, then tonic without alcohol and the moisturizing cream. Try to refuse at least in March washing in the "wet" way, that is with water use, - and you will feel difference at once. If rashes do not want to take place after the cosmetic procedures, surely address the endocrinologist or the dermatologist. Pimples on skin can be one of symptoms of malfunctions in work of internals. In this case change of ukhodovy cosmetics of result will not bring.

Peeling and wrinkles

From winter wind and frost the upper layer of the skin fairly becomes thinner, as a result it becomes not such elastic. From here on spring the signs of premature old age become more noticeable. In March it is necessary to update skin with the help soft srubs or the cleaning masks. Keep in mind what has begun spring – not the best time for serious peelings as after them it is possible to receive pigmentation easily. However it is not necessary to refuse superficial peeling. The moisturizing creams and masks will become good means from this problem also. Before going to bed it is necessary to use nutritious means without fail.

Dimness, dullness and fatigue

After winter at skin, as a rule, remains forces a little. From here it gets earthy shade, and the person - tired face. Winter stress will be remarkably reduced by active moistening of skin – pure drink and the moisturizing creams on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Take for the rule to drink not less than 1.5 liters of water, and coffee and other drinks do not enter this calculation.

Low tone

With arrival of spring skin, as a rule, becomes flabby where it especially gentle and thin is breast and zone of decollete, the internal surface of hips and hands. In this case the tightening masks and massage perfectly will help. For visible effect these procedures should be done by course.


Though till hot flying with the active sun it is still far, March beams of the sun are already very active. For this reason it is worth beginning to use means with protection against ultraviolet. That who already has pigmentation - god ordered to do it. Skin after winter especially vulnerable and easily gives in to solar burns. Love yourself! Look after own skin with love and blossom together with spring!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team